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Тест по английскому языку ( 8 класс)

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Тест по английскому языку для 8 класса

1. Choose the write pronoun: -Where is Ann?  … is in the kitchen

A) we     B)they      C) she         D) he       E) I

2. Choose the right variant: «The 30th»

A) The twenty     B) The twenties     C) The thirtieth     D) The twentieth    E) The thirty

3. Find the correct verb: I have a cold for three days already. I .... eat ice cream.

A) must      B) didn't have to        C) should

4. Choose the right word: I’m … good student.

A) a,       B) any,       C) some,       D) -,       E) an

5. Choose the right verb: They ... the fax at 5 o' clock yesterday.

A) is received b) received c) will be received d) receive

6. Choose the right verb: A lot of faxes ... every day.

A) is sent       B) were sent       C) sent      D) are sent      

7 .Choose the right verb: A lot of friends ... to the party next Saturday.

A) Will be invited B) invited C) is invited D) invited

8. Complete the sentence: Harry lives near …

A) us,       B) we,       C) their       D) I,       E) my

9. Find the answer: Sport helps people to …

A) go to school       B) stay in a good health       C) visit cinemas    D) play the piano.

10. Find the Present Continuous Passive

A) My brothers goes in for sport.   B) The coffee is being made at the moment              

C) I’m listening to a music.             D) I go in for football

11. Find the Present Simple Passive

A) The book was published in 1890 B) This work will finished in March. C) The letter is


12. Find the Past Perfect Passive

A) The house is being built B) The house was being built. C) The house had been built

before they arrived

13. Choose the right translation : The film will be shown on TV

A) Фильм показывают по ТВ В) Фильм показали по ТВ. С) Фильм покажут по ТВ.

14 . Put the verb in to the Past Continuous: The children (to sleep) when their parents

return home.

were to sleeping      B) was sleeping      D) were sleeping      D) was sleeping     E) were


15. Choose the right variant of modal verb: Tell Mike he … tidy his room at ones.

A) could       B) ought       C) should be       D) must       E) might be.

16. Complete the sentence:  It rained in the … yesterday.

A) morning       B) evenings       C) days       D) birthday       E) rain

17. Find the right word: She… she had to work very hard.

A) said    B) tell    C) says    D) told    E) tells

18. Choose the pre";line-height: 100%"> evening.

A) on    B) over    C) of    D) under    E) at

19 Choose the right word : She looked ...

A) happy B) happily

20 . Choose the right word : He looked at her ....

A) happy B) happily

21 . Choose the right word : The fish smells ...

A) strange B) strangely

22. Complete the sentences: I... thought about it.

A) myself B) himself C ) herself

23. Choose the correct variant: .... a cup of tea?

A) would you like B) do you like

24. Give the Russian equivalent: He has a cold

A) Oн холодный.       В) Он замёрз.       С) Он простыл.    D) У него холод.        Е) У

него есть холодильник

25. Choose the right variant: He always .... suddenly.

A) turns down     B) turns up    C) turns back   

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