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Тест по английскому языку 9 класс

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Английский, 9 класс

Внимание! На все вопросы возможен только один правильный ответ.

1. Close … of Queen Elizabeth make up the royal family.

A) children

B) husband

C) friends

D) relatives

2. The oldest surviving university in the English-speaking world is located in:

A) London

B) Boston

C) Cambridge

D) Oxford

3. Elizabeth II … the Prime minister.

A) makes

B) announces

C) applies

D) assumes

4. The largest city of New England is Boston. The city is located in …

A) England

B) Canada

C) the United States

D) the United Kingdom

5. They were sure that the boy … the purse.

A) steals

B) had stolen

C) has stolen

D) had been stolen

6. She gave him money so that he … this picture.

A) had bought

B) could buy

C) bought

D) buys

7. If we weren’t so tired, we … to see you.

A) will go

B) went

C) go

D) would go

8. I knew she … the novel by the end of August.

A) had written

B) would do

C) would have written

D) will do

Use the proper form of the Infinitive, Participle or Gerund in the following sentences.

9. When we came to school, we found the door …

A) lock

B) locked

C) locking

D) is locked

10. The day … fine, we decided … a rest in the country.

A) being; to have

B) to be ; to have

C) to be ; having

D) being; having

11. The head master objected to our … calls on his phone.

A) to make

B) made

C) make

D) making

12. Is there anything worth… in your town library?

A) to read

B) reading

C) read

D) to be read

13. I enjoy … to music, but I don't like … to somebody … about it.

A) to listen; to listen; to talk

B) listening; to listen; talking

C) to listen; listen; talking

D) listening; to listen; to talk

14. My dad thinks I am not able of … my own living, but I am going … that he is wrong.

A) earning; prove

B) earning; proving

C) earning; to prove

D) earn; to prove

15. Do you feel like … out or would you rather … at home?

A) going; to stay

B) going; stay

C) going; staying

D) to go; stay

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