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Тест по английскому языку (8 класс)

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MODULE 3 I-variant

1. Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps.

Fantasy • violent • staring • imagination • sights • reflection • existed • sharp • glanced • extinct

1. The Colossal Squid differs from other types of squids in that it has ______ hooks on its tentacles.

2. Old castles are very popular ______ in Britain.

3. Although many people say they have seen Bigfoot, there are no fossil remains that prove the creature ever _______.

4. Rosie couldn’t stop _______ at the beautiful rainbow, as it was the first time she had ever seen one.

5. People thought the Coelacanth was an _______ species of fish, until a fisherman caught one in 1938.

6. When Richard and Ian heard the angry shouts they _______ around the room to see where they were coming from.

7. Last night I dreamt that a _________ whirlpool was pulling me to the bottom of the ocean.

8. The moon was so bright that James could see his ________ in the lake.

9. Jonathan’s vivid ________ is what makes him able to write spine-chilling ghost stories.

10. Garry really lives in a(n) _________ world! He believes that he will be the one who will take pictures of Bigfoot first!

2. Choose the correct variant.

1. Benjamin _______ in horror when he saw the ghostly figure.

a) gasped b) had gasped c) was gasping d) had been gasping

2. Claire ______ along a country road when a huge creature came out of nowhere and fell onto her car.

a) drove b) had driven c) was driving d) had been driving

3. It was the first time that Elizabeth ______ pictures of Bigfoot.

a) ever saw b) had ever seen c) was ever seeing d) had ever been seeing

4. Sandra _______ for three years before she sold her first painting.

a) painted b) had painted c) was painting d) had been painting

5. Our house ______ be haunted, we’ve lived here for years and we’ve never seen anything unusual going on.

a) must b) can’t c) may

6. The style of that painting ______ be Cubism, because the artist has used square shapes.

a) must b) can’t c) may

7. It ______ be a coincidence, but isn’t it strange that I was thinking about John at the moment he called me?

a) must b) can’t c) may

8. Eve came ______ with a great idea for a story.

a) down b) across c) up

9. Dave ______ a secret passage in the castle.

a) across b) down c) out

10. A strange feeling came ______ me as I walked home.

a) out b) over c) across

11. Jack was nervous _______ camping in the forest.

a) in b) about c) of

12. Sue thought _______ a good idea to raise money.

a) from b) in c) of

13. Will knew ______ experience not to walk through the woods at night.

a) from b) in c) of


MODULE 3 II-variant

1. Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps.

glaring • shadow • alike • sightings • humped • spotted • survived • mythical • horrifying • illusion

1. Most descriptions of lake monsters are about creatures with long necks and _______ backs.

2. Two fishermen reported ______ of a strange ten-legged creature in the lake yesterday.

3. Can you imagine what would happen if a dinosaur somehow ______ and was still alive today?

4. Why are you ______ at Stewart so angrily? Has he done something wrong?

5. Annie loves story books about dragons, giants and other ______ creatures.

6. Has the research team ______ anything unusual in the area?

7. Andrew’s nightmare was absolutely _________; he dreamt that a three-headed monster was approaching him, but he couldn’t move.

8. When David saw the ________ of a strange animal in the bushes, he started shaking like a leaf.

9. Did the magician really make the man disappear or was it just an optical _______?

10. These two paintings look so much ______ that you have to look really closely to see the few differences they have.

2. Choose the correct variant.

1. While Lisa ________ a book, her brother was listening to music.

a) listened b) was listening c) had listened d) had been listening

2. Alex didn’t go to the photographic exhibition because he ________ his homework.

a) didn’t finish b) wasn’t finishing c) hadn’t finished d) hadn’t been finishing

3. The research team _______ an unusual fossil and it back to the lab to examine it.

a) found b) was finding c) had found d) had been finding

4. Tom _______ for two hours before his parents came home.

a) slept b) was sleeping c) had slept d) had been sleeping

5. Susan _______ be at the photographic exhibition, but I’m not sure.

a) must b) can’t c) may

6. The magician’s assistant hasn’t truly disappeared, our eyes _______ be playing tricks on us.

a) must b) can’t c) may

7. You _______ have seen a ghost. They’re not real.

a) mustn’t b) can’t c) may not

8. I can’t wait for Spielberg’s new film to come _________.

a) across b) out c) over

9. Lee feels ill. He must be coming _________ with the flu.

a) up b) across c) down

10. Horror came ______ me when I had a nightmare.

a) up b)over c) out

11. Have you heard _____ Bigfoot?

a) about b) from c) of

12. The succeeded _______ working out the answer.

a) in b) of c) about

13. Will knew ______ experience not to walk through the woods at night.

a) from b) in c) of

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