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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по английскому языку (7 класс)
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Тест по английскому языку (7 класс)


Итоговый тест по английскому языку. 7 класс


Write the correct answers.

1. I have never ___(eat) sushi before.

2. My dad ___ forgotten his lunch again.

3. I haven’t told Mel the news ___.

4. Have you done your homework ___?

5. I’ve had this watch ___ 2005.

6. We’ve been here ___ three hours.

7. Where ________ (be) you last night?

8. I’ve ________ (do) my homework. Can I go outside now, please?

9. ________ you ever eaten kangaroo meat?

10. Has Dan lost his watch again? Yes, he _______.

11. Has Tom arrived ________?

12.We’ve only been here for three days and we’ve already________(spend) all our money!

13.Did she ________(do) her homework yesterday?

14. Did you like the film? Yes, I ________.

15. ___ you like English?

16. We go out. (rarely)

17. How often ___(have) parties?

18. Mark is late for English classes. (always)

19. What ___ (think) you of extreme sports?

20. At the moment, my dad ___(wash) the car.

  1. They ______never been late for school before.

  2. They ______(see) her yet.

  3. My country house ____ (be) very comfortable.

  4. My father just ____(offer) me a new job.

  5. Look! My sister just___(buy) a new dress for the party

  6. Make up sentences using this words: the film, much, she, very, liked

  7. Put the words in correct order: the news, yesterday, saw, television, on,I

  8. Put the words in correct order: to, went, the, he, cinema, by, last week, bus

  9. Put the words in correct order: doing, men, what, those, are?

  10. Put the words in correct order: you, have, off, turned, computer?


Choose the correct answers.

1. Hastings is in the south of ______.

2. They speak ____ in Kazakhstan.

3. I ________ all my exams.

4. What did you do ________ night?

5. We moved this house two years _______.

6. In private schools the education is …

7. One of the most famous English private school is …

8. Which schools in all countries are attended by most students?

9. It is a school for the rich. Parents have to pay money for their children’s education.

10. On the 1st of September children and their parents celebrate…

Choose the right preposition

  1. I always rely ____my friend

  2. I share my book ______my friend.

  3. I care _______my friend

  4. I trust _______my friend

  5. I think _______my friend

  6. Share this bar of chocolate_____yourselves.

  7. I have English class ___Monday morning.

  8. You can rely __ your friends.

  9. We arrived ___New York last month.

  10. He is a person, who gets ___well with everybody.

  11. This lesson helps you to calculate how much money you can ask your parents for.

  12. This subject makes you a participants of lots of events (событий) which happened long ago.

  13. You can visit different countries without leaving your own city in this lesson.

  14. A lot of grammatical rules are studied at this lesson. We write many tests and dictations.

  15. At this lesson plants and animals are studied.

  16. What is the nickname of New York?

  17. Where is the Statue of Liberty situated?

  18. What country presented the Statue of Liberty to the USA?

  19. Find a compound words: bread, Broadway, beautiful, Chinatown

  20. They speak ___in Canada.

Тексты для чтения.


Russian Education

In Russia education is compulsory between ages of 6-7 and 15 years. There are different types of secondary schools in the country. Most of them are state school where education is free.

But some parents want their children to attend private schools which aren’t free.

In Russia school year begins on the 1st of September. This day children and their parents celebrate The Day of Knowledge. Children are happy to go to school because they meet their teachers and classmates after summer holidays. They bring flowers for their teachers. Russian children have lessons 5 or 6 days a week.

In some schools they have to wear uniform. In others they are allowed to wear what they want.

The discipline isn’t very strict. But if a pupil behaves badly the teacher can punish the child. Of course, the punishment isn’t severe. The teachers want their pupils to stay out of trouble and always do their best.

1) Choose the right variant.

1) In Russia education is compulsory between ages of …

2. Education of state school is …

3. Some parents want their children to attend ….

4. Children are happy to go to school because they meet…

5. Children bring … for their teachers.

6. If a pupil behaves badly the teacher can…

King and critic

A king liked to write stories which he thought were very good. The people were afraid to criticize them. One day he showed some of his stories to a well-known critic, who said they were bad. The king got angry with him and sent him to a prison. After some time king invited the critic to his palace to dinner. Again he showed him some of his stories and again he asked him what he thought of them. The critic said to the king: “Take me back to the prison”.

  1. A king thought...

  2. Why did the wise man ask to send him back to the prison?

3. According to the text: The critic...

4. Translate the word: well-known

5. Translate: criticize

Marcel and Mona Lisa

Marcel was a French mouse and a detective. He had many friends in Paris. One of his friends was Celine. She was a mouse too. She painted pictures and was very beautiful. Celine lived in Louvre. One day in May Marcel came to Celine. But the guard at the gates was unknown to Marcel. The two friends ate, drank and talked all evening. Then at 11 o'clock Marcel put on his coat and went away.

Marcel walked across the floor. He was very happy. Then he stopped. The room was dark but he could see something. It was a man with a long knife. Marcel understood that it was a new guard. The new guard was stealing the Mona Lisa. Next to a thief there was a black bag. Two minutes later the Mona Lisa was inside it!

1. Who was Marcel?

2. What was his friend's name?

3. Where did she live?

4. Whom did Marcel see at the gates of Louvre?

  1. What did Marcel do in the evening?

  2. Whom did Marcel see in the room?

  3. What did that man do?

Ключи к тестам


  1. B eaten

  2. D has

  3. A yet

  4. D yet

  5. C since

  6. C for

  7. B were you

  8. C done

  9. D have

  10. D has

  11. A yet

  12. B already

  13. A do

  14. A do

  15. A do

  16. B rarely go

  17. A do you have

  18. B is always

  19. A do you think

  20. D is washing

  21. B have

  22. B haven't seen

  23. D is

  24. C has offered

  25. C has made


  1. A cheerful

  2. C shy

  3. B passed

  4. D last

  5. C ago

  6. A paid

  7. B Oxford

  8. C state

  9. B private

  10. A. A day of knowledge

  11. A on

  12. B with

  13. C for

  14. A __

  15. A of

  16. A with

  17. C on

  18. C on

  19. C in

  20. B on

  21. A Maths

  22. A History

  23. A Geography

  24. A Russian

  25. B Biology

Тексты для чтения

Russian Education

  1. B 6-7 and 15 years

  2. A free

  3. C private schools

  4. A teachers and classmates

  5. B flowers

  6. B punish him

King and Critic

1. C he was a good writer

2. D because critic didn't like the stories

3. C criticized the king's stories

4. B знаменитый

5. A критиковать

Marcel and Mona Lisa

1. B a detective

2. B Celine

3. C in the museum

4. C a guard

5. C ate and drank

6. B a new guard

  1. A stole Mona Lisa

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