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Тест по английскому языку 7 класс 3 четверть (Биболетова)

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


 Variant 1

1)      Choose the correct word:

1. How many students (learn/study/teach) English in your class?

2. Be (quite/quiet)! You shouldn’t be so noisy in the hospital.

3. You (should/shouldn’t) eat too much.

4. Are you (quite/quiet) sure of what you are saying?

5. In Russia education is (private/compulsory) between ages of 6-7 and 15.


2)      Change Active voice into Passive voice – Present, Past or Future:

1.     Molly learned the rules.

2.      I do homework every day.

3.      The teacher will give me a good mark.

4.      Our team won the school championship.

5.      Ann’s sister washes their dog. 

3)      Вставьте пропущенные предлоги (at, on, of, to, to):

1.      I’m sorry, I haven’t understood. Could you explain it … me, please?

2.      Look … the picture and describe it.

3.      Steven is proud … his new bicycle.

4.      Hello, can I speak … Ann, please?

5.      A friend is a person I can always rely … .

4)      Запишите глаголы в правильной форме и переведите предложения 4,5 на русский язык:

1.      If Ann (be) rich, she would send her son to Oxford.

2.      If my parents allowed me to get a Saturday job, I (earn) some money for new computer games.

3.      If the weather (be) fine tomorrow, I will go for a walk.

4.      If you learn the words, you (get) a good mark for the dictation tomorrow.

5.      If I knew French very well, I (go) to France for holidays.


Variant 2

1)      Choose the correct word:

1. You (should/shouldn’t) be late for classes.

2. Must I (learn/study/teach) this long and boring poem by heart?

3. Our teacher is a (quite/quiet) person.

4. In state schools the education is (free/not free).

5.  Does he (learn/study/teach) in your school? – Yes, he is my classmate.


2)      Change Active voice into Passive voice:

1.      They arranged a party.

2.       Friends will invite the classmates.

3.      My parents took pictures of Moscow.

4.      The teacher asks questions every lesson.

5.      Kate bought a new phone.


3)      Вставьте пропущенные предлоги (to, of, for, after, at):

1.      I’m sorry, I can’t go for a walk with you. I have to look … my little brother.

2.      Listen … the song. What is it about?

3.      She always laughs … silly jokes.

4.      Parents take care … their children.

5.      Mike’s father pays … his education.


4)      Запишите глаголы в правильной форме и переведите предложения 1,2 на русский язык:

1.      If I (be) you, I would work as a doctor.

2.      If he (tell) me about his problem, I will help him.

3.      If the boy is ready for the lesson, he (get) a good mark in Maths.

4.      If they (have) their own car, they would go to Surgut every day.

5.      If I knew his phone number, I (tell) you.

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