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Тест по английскому языку 9 класс к Афанасьва О.В.(угл)

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Test for the 9-th form Unit3 (углубл.)

  1. Open the brackets ( Present Perfect or Past Perfect)

  1. It was the beginning of a new year. Both young women were full of good spirits and happier than they ( to be) for years.

  2. I’m a little tired. All these people in the Market. I never ( to see) it so busy.

  3. Kate said she ( to have) enough of crowds for one day.

  4. The storm ( to stop) and a light breeze was blowing.

  5. It’s lovely to see you, Tom. I ( to miss) you a lot.

  1. Use the words from the box and complete the sentences, don’t use 2 prepositions.

at, for, to (2) ,through, with, between, on

  1. Jane Brown Will dedicated her novel “ The wind” ______ her parents.

  2. Liz cast a glance ____ her wedding ring.

  3. She never spreads butter ____my toast; I don’t like it.

  4. I am provided ____ everything I need.

  5. Dan is notorious ____ his wild behavior.

  6. Never refer ___ these words of mine.

  1. Choose the correct item.

  1. I’ve known Justin all my life and can say he has always been a _____ liar.

  1. famous b) celebrated c) notorious d) known

  1. The work was _____ and not interesting at all but it had to be done.

  1. hard b) voluntary c) captivating d) efficient

  1. I’ m not sure Val was a willing______ in this affair.

  1. participate b) participation c) participant d) participative

  1. How dare you ____ her name?

  1. refer b) mention c) comment d) tell

  1. Double the consonant where necessary.

  1. forget__ ing 5) cover__ ed

  2. confer__ ing 6) regret__ing

  3. permit __ed 7) begin__ing

  4. develop__ ed 8) visit__ed

  1. Word formation .

Many people find their work rather 1.______. I get a lot of BORE

2.__________ from my job. Advertising can be very SATISFY

3.__________because you have to think of new ways CREATE

to attract people’s 4. ____________. The best way to ATTEND

do this is by surprising them. 5. __________ is boring FAMILIAR

and people soon get fed up with an 6._________they ADVERTISE

have seen many times before. 7. _________ they CONSCIOUSLY

want to be shocked. Apart from 8._________, the ORIGINAL

other really important 9. ______ of a good campaign is CHARACTER

10.__________. After all if people don’t remember MEMORABLE

what was being advertised, they won’t buy the 11.______. PRODUCE


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