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Тест по английскому языку 5 класс. (Кузовлев В.П)

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Unit 5. Lesson 2. Past Tense 5th form

  1. Write down the verbs using the example:

Example: Past Simple Past Progressive

write wrote was writing

help helped were helping

Do, make, work, clean, sing, light, swim, cook, read, watch.

  1. Put the right form of the verb in the sentence:

  1. When I … (come) home, my mother … (watch) TV.

  2. While the children … (sing) a song, the rain … (stop).

  3. When I … (get) up that morning, the sun … (shine) brightly.

  4. She … (sit) by the window when she … (hear) the noise.

  5. While he … (wait) for my call, somebody … (knock) at the door.

  6. We … (talk) about him when he suddenly … (come) in.

  7. When I … (arrive), Tom … (speak) over the phone.

  8. She … (play) the piano and … (hear) nothing.

  1. Answer the questions:

  1. Where were you in last summer?

  2. What were you doing from 3 till 5 yesterday?

  3. Were you reading this book all last evening?

  4. What were you doing at 6 p.m. yesterday?

  5. Were you at school yesterday?

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