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Тест по английскому языку 11 класс spotlight module 1

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Vocabulary test

1. Match the descriptions to the family members.

1. He is the father of my a. stepfather


2. She is my sister’s son. b. ex-husband

3. He used to be married to me. c. great-grandfather

4. She is my husband’s sister. d. nephew

5. He is my mum’s new husband. e. sister-in-law

2. Complete the exchanges with the words in the list: married, divorced, engaged, single, widow, elderly, wedding, separated, marriage, extended, immediate.

1. – I had no idea that Paul is ……. .

- Unfortunately, his wife passed away last summer.

2. – Tom’s parents decided to get …… .

- I know. They have been having problems for a while now.

3. – Does your sister live alone?

- No, she lives with her husband. He’s been ……. for two years now.

4. Weren’t the …… vows beautiful at Anna and Nick’s …….. .

5. There are just four people in my ……. family, but more than twenty in my ……. family.

6. It’s difficult to be a ……. parent.

7. Mrs. Green’ husband died four years ago. She hasn’t married again. She’s a ……….. .

8. My …….. grandfather lives in Moscow.


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