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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по английскому языку 9 класс Spotlight за 1-ое полугодие

Тест по английскому языку 9 класс Spotlight за 1-ое полугодие

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9 класс

английский язык «Spotlight»

Ю.Е.Ваулина, Д.Дули, О.Е.Подоляко


Вариант 1.

I. Времена группы Present.

Choose the right answer. (Выберите правильный вариант ответа)

1.Paul isn’t a very honest person. That is why when he speaks nobody ... him.

A believe B believes C hasn’t believed D isn’t believing

2. Bill, your hair looks wet. What ... all morning in the rain?

A has you done B are you doing C do you do D have you been doing

3. Gill can’t do the dishes right now because she ... now.

A is sleeping B sleeps C slept D sleeping

4. Where have you been? I ... from you for ages!

A hasn’t heard B haven’t heard C didn’t hear D don’t hear

5. I have just sent my application form, now I ... for their answer.

A am waiting B have waited C have been waited D wait

Infinitive / -ing forms / participles

6. 1. Would you mind … the window? It’s rather chilly in here.

a) To close b) Closing c) Close d) To closing

7. I’d like to know if you enjoy … to parties.

a) Going b) Go c) To go d) To going

8. They objected … to that terrible music.

a) Listening b) To listen c) To listening d) Listen

9. I clearly remember … the keys in the upper drawer. Where on earth are they now?

a) To put b) Putting c) Put d) To putting

10. Why do your parents not let you … home after midnight?

a) Come b) Coming c) To coming d) To come

Времена группы Past

11. I saw Jim at the train station. He ... for his business partner to arrive from NY.

A had waited B had been waiting C was waiting D waited

12. When he was single he ... to Spain every winter, but now he has to go to France with his wife and children.

A would go B had gone C went D had been going

13. Kim looked tired this morning. She ... all night long.

A had been studying B had studied C was studying D studied

14. She ... lying in her bed when she ... a sudden noise.

A had been lying / heard Bwas lying / was hearing Cwas lying / heard D has been lying / had been hearing

15. She ... out a lot when she was younger.

A used to go B had been gone C had gone out D was going

16. He ... Las Vegas last year.

A used to visit B visited C was visited D had visited

17. She ... work before she met her friends.

A was finishing B had been finishing C finished D had finished

18. They ... for a house for six months before they ... that one.

A were looked / found B had been looking / found C looked / found D had been looking / had been founding

19. By the time we got home the film ... .

A finished B had been finishing C would finish D had finished

20. The restaurant was packed last night. Luckily, I ... a table in advance.

A was booking B had been booking C had booked D would book

II. Open the brackets in the following sentences using the correct Present Simple or Present Progressive form of the verbs.

21.  Tom usually (play) football but today he (play) tennis.

22.   What language they (speak) in Holland? What language he (speak) now.

23.   I usually (drive) to my work. Be careful! You (drive) too fast.

24.  I (do) a lot of work every day. Don't worry! I know what I (do).

25.   You (eat) fruit every day? What's the name of the fruit you (eat) with such pleasure?

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