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Тест по английскому языку, Модуль 4, Spotlight (9 класс)


Тест, Модуль 4( 9 класс), Spotlight

  1. Complete the sentences with the words below: modem, servers, taking over, service, received, institutions.

  1. If you continue to have problems, you’ll need to call your internet……..provider.

  2. I haven’t……..your email yet. What did you send it?

  3. The reason why you can’t connect to the internet is that there’s something wrong with your..........

  4. Do you think there’s a possibility of robots ………the world one day?

  5. Many universities and other academic…..offer IT courses.

  6. Try connecting to the Net later, when the ………..aren’t so busy.

  1. points)

  1. Match the words.

  1. vacuum

  2. mow

  3. come

  4. cater for

  5. perform

  6. become

  1. our needs

  2. tasks

  3. to harm

  4. the carpets

  5. a reality

  6. the lawn

  1. points)

  1. С. Choose the correct tense.

  1. I can’t come to school tomorrow because I am going to/ go to the doctor.

  2. The train is leaving/ leaves at exactly nine o’clock tomorrow, so don’t be late.

  3. We are having/ have a party tonight.

  4. The concert begins/ is beginning at 8.30.

  5. On Monday the Prime Minister is going to/ will be give a speech.

  6. I am flying/ will fly to Rome on Monday, but I’ll be back on Wednesday.

  7. At ten o’clock I have/ am going to have a meeting with my boss.

  8. Look at those dark clouds in the sky! It is raining/ going to rain in a few minutes.

  9. Have you missed the bus? I will/ am going to give you a lift home.

  10. The plain takes off/ will take off at 6 o’clock. That’s what it says on my ticket.

  1. points)

  1. Choose the correct answer.

  1. I suggest that you save the document under a different name.

  2. Let me take a look at the scanner problem you have.

  3. Can you give me a hand with my printer?

  4. I can’t get my screen to turn on.

  5. Are you sure you don’t want me to fix that for you?

  1. That’s really kind of you.

  2. How about rebooting the system?

  3. Well, it’s worth a try.

  4. Thanks, but I think I can manage.

  5. Sure, what’s the problem?

  1. points)

  1. Put in: into, up, out, out of, down.

  1. The police stopped cars on the motorway in search of the criminal who had brought ……the local prison.

  2. Fighting broke …….between opposing football fans after last night’s game.

  3. The couple broke……but got back together a month later.

  4. When her car broke…..she called a local garage to ask for help.

  5. The police are looking for two men who were filmed as they were breaking ….an electrical shop last night. (10 points)

  1. Complete the text with missing phrases. There’s one extra phrase.

  1. People originally used the internet for business and academic reasons, but in modern times it has now become a vital part of millions of people’s social lives. Many internet services such as email offer people ways to communicate with each other electronically. Recently, social networking has become hugely important means of online communication. As email once replaced the letter, 1………

  2. The term “social networking” refers to online communities that connect school friends, business colleagues or people with common interests or activities. A user of a social networking site has a personal webpage where he/ she can write a blog, upload pictures or videos, and 2………………….. In fact, the main reasons why social networking is so widespread is because it allows people to find lost friends or keep in contact with friends that are far away.

  3. However, not everyone accepts that 3………………. Researchers have noticed that some social networking users become antisocial, as they start to 4…………………..

  4. Instead, they often rely on their internet friends for social contact. Moreover, social networking has caused problems in the business world, as some office workers 5…………….and waste time when they should be concentrating on their work.

  5. All in all, social networking sites 6………………… However, users must be careful not to let their online lives affect their real social skills. On social networking sites you can accept or refuse a friend just with one click of a button.

  6. Fortunately, in the real world, things are more complicated.

  1. the affect of social networking on society is necessarily positive

  2. receive messages from other users who they have accepted as friends

  3. have less face-to-face communication

  4. social networking could soon do the same for email

  5. spend a lot of money on upgrading their computers

  6. get hooked on social networking sites

  7. allow users advanced levels of communication (12 points)

  1. KEYS

  1. 1.service

  1. 2. received

  2. 3. modem

  3. 4. taking over

  4. 5. institution

  5. 6.servers

  1. 1-b

  1. 2-f

  2. 3-c

  3. 4-a

  4. 5-b

  5. 6-e

  1. 1.Am going to

  1. 2. leaves

  2. 3. are having

  3. 4. begins

  4. 5. is going

  5. 6. am flying

  6. 7. have

  7. 8.going to rain

  8. 9. will

  9. 10. takes off

  1. 1-c

  1. 2-a

  2. 3-e

  3. 4-b

  4. 5-d

  1. 1. Out of

  1. 2. out

  2. 3. up

  3. 4. down

  4. 5. into

  5. F

  6. 1-d

  7. 2-b

  8. 3-a

  9. 4-c

  10. 5-f

  11. 6-g

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