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Тест по английскому языку на тему "Экология" (8 класс)

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Тест для 8 класса по английскому языку на зачетную неделю.

  1. Match the words and the phrases which have opposite meanings.

  1. to prohibit a) to damage

  2. to protect b) to clear rubbish away

  3. to pollute c) to be out of danger

  4. to throw d) to allow

  5. to drop litter e) to enjoy doing something

  6. to be in danger f) to clean

  7. to avoid doing something g) to catch

II. Complete each sentence with one of the words or phrases below. Use each one once only:

pollution, rubbish, cans, environment, packiging, protect, is thrown, in danger, prohibited, pollute, bins, clearing up.

People get a lot of food from the sea. But we have made the sea a very dirty place. If we are not careful, ... will kill many of the animals and plants in the sea.

A lot of rubbish ... into the sea. Sea animals, fisn and birds are ... . Some animals try to eat the ... , they die.

Oil (нефть) from big ships, chemicals and wast ... the sea and kill whales and dolphins, fish and sea birds.

Luckily many people realize now that we must look after the sea and ... it. They say polluting the sea should be strictly ... . Groups of people who care about the ... spend their free time ... litter from the beaches. People collect ... , bottles and ... and put them into different ... for futher recycling.

VI. The word in capitals above each of the following sentences can be used to form a word that fits suitably in the blank space, Fill each blank in this way.


... is one of the most serious and crucial world`s problems of our day.


The young woman did not know where to look for ...


Some of the first ... organizations in the world started in Britain.


It was a very ... trip.

5. USE

When the young people first came to Ireland, they were not ... to cold weather.


Smoking is strictly ... in the office.

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