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Тест по английскому языку на тему "Фразовые глаголы"

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Module 1. Exercise№ 1

Fill in: along, down, over, over with, across.

1. I try to get…with my friends.

2. This nasty weather gets me…

3. The sooner we start doing this report, the sooner we will get … it.

4. It took her some days to get…the flu.

5. I never have difficulty in getting my ideas… .

Module 2 Exercise №2

Fill in: down with, off, without, with, up, after, through..

1.The price of petrol is going…in many countries.

2. The milk is bad. It`s probably gone… .

3. John is sad. He is going… a very difficult time.

4. How long can camels go… water?

5. Her shoes go…her clothes.

6. The police officer went…the robber yesterday.

7. I went… … the flu so I stayed at home.

Module 3 Exercise№3

Choose the correct preposition.

1. It’s very difficult to bring up/down a child.

2. This photo brings away/back happy memories from my childhood.

3. The nurse brought round/about the girl by using some cold water.

4. My new job brings on/in 15.000 rubles a month

5. Dima Bilan will bring out/in a new album next week.

6. The new headmistress has brought about/ round many changes in our school.

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