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Тест по английскому языку на тему "Мир путешествий" (8 класс)

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The world of travelling”.

I. Read the texts and match them with the titles. There is one title you don't have to use.

1. How to travel fairly cheap

2. A part of England that "is not England"

3. The method of travelling widely used by the first settlers in America

4. The fastest method of travelling

5. Britain today

6. A comfortable way of travelling that gives you independence

A. What images spring to mind when you lie back and think of England? Is this the country you would like to visit? And what country do the majority of tourists expect to find on the British Isles? Is it cool Britannia, a contented modern country, or is it a country that still can't get used to the loss of its empire? The latest United Nations' report on "quality of life" in Europe puts Britain in a top ten, along with Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.

B. If you are young, fearless and desperate to go travelling, even on a limited budget, then hitchhiking is just the method of travelling for you. It is a completely unique way of travelling. It is not a guided tour when you are placed into a coach full of other tourists and then taken round famous historic sites. You can go and do whatever you decide and you have an enormous amount of freedom. Another advantage of it is the price.

C. America B.C. (Before the Car) was a much different place than it was after all those Fords became available to millions of Americans. Today the United States has two-fifths of all passenger cars in the world: over 121 million. The US has developed an enormous modern transportation system and an extensive network of roads and highways. This system enables Americans to travel freely and comfortably wherever they want.

D. East of the Mississippi the USA is very much "a nation of rivers". This fact can surprise visitors from other countries as the information about rivers in America in their schoolbooks is rather short. Only such rivers as the Missouri, Ohio and Columbia are usually mentioned. Yet waterways have always been in use from the earliest colonial days. Travel by water was the favourite means of transportation. It explains the fact that most of America's largest cities first grew around ocean harbours, along rivers, or later, by canals.

E. Many tourists visit Cornwall, the famous peninsula in the south west of England. It is a popular area for travellers and it is really worth seeing. The place is full of quaint things. There are stone crosses everywhere, ancient upright stones. In Cornwall, you can see the sea on the left, on the right and before you. There is hardly a place there where you couldn't see the sea from. Here visitors are in a different England And the Cornishmen say it is not England – it is Cornwall. You can distinguish the Cornish from the English at first glance: the former are very tanned by the sun and the wind, and have dark hair. The ancient language is nearly forgotten. Yet a lot of geographical names do not sound English: Trebethehick, Trequisquite, Trelawney.

II. Match the words and word combinations with their definitions.

1. a through train

2. a sleeper

3. a return ticket

4. a direct flight

5. a smoker

6. a motel

7. bed and breakfast

8. a suite

9. to check in a hotel

10. to book a ticket

11. to check out of a hotel

a) a train/carriage with beds for sleeping through the night

b) a small hotel that provides a place to sleep for the night and breakfast the next morning for a fixed price

c) to arrange in advance to have a ticket

d) a set of expensive rooms in a hotel

e) a train that allows a continuous journey without the necessity to change

f) to report one's arrival to a hotel

g) a railway carriage where smoking is allowed

h) a flight from one point to another without turning aside

i) to leave a hotel after paying a bill

j) a ticket for a trip from one place to another and back again

k) a hotel for travelling motorists

III. Complete the text with the derivatives of the words on the right.


Julia and me are experienced 1… . We don't think it is a 2… way of travelling. You 3… shouldn't get into a car with someone you don't like the look of. You wave them off and they go. Sometimes you don't feel 4… when people don't speak English. Then you 5… refuse. But in most 6… countries they do speak English. Though in Spain they prefer to speak 7… The country made the biggest 8… on me, especially Barcelona. It was the first time I saw Gaudi's 9… and it was really 10…

Hitchhike, danger simple


polite, Europe


impress, architect


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