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Тест по английскому языку на тему "Одежда" (6 класс-учебник Афанасьева О.В.)

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TEST «Clothes»

1.Find the odd word:

1) trainers, trousers, sweater, pyjamas, leggings

2) travelling, gardening, cooking, boring, skateboarding

3) heavy, degree, neat, fashionable, scruffy

4) snow, snowball, snowflake, snowman, snowboard

5) mittens, sandals, slippers, gloves, nightie

2.Complete the Tag-questions:

1) It’s a nice red dress, .…..?

2) They are old brown shoes, …….?

3) My new dark blue pyjamas are not very warm and cosy, ……...?

4) Her shorts are scruffy, …….?

5) People don’t wear sandals in cold weather, ……..?

3.Сhoose the right forms and complete the sentences:

1) Your clothes ( is / are ) always nice.

2) His warm jacket ( was / were ) on the hook in the hall.

3) My new pyjamas ( is / are ) green and comfortable.

4) I don’t think your jeans ( is / are ) clean. I would like to wash ( it / them ).

5) Where ( is / are ) my T-shirt ?

4.Make up the questions : 1) pink , is, where , blouse, your ?

2) colour, what, his, is, sweater ?

3) you, do, summer, in, always, wear, shorts ?

4) when, we, shall, to the shop, go, to buy, clothes ?

5)she, wearing, a shirt, a blouse, or is ?

5.Find plural and singular: suit, scarf, raincoat, leggings, dressing gown, gloves, trousers, tie, clothes, shorts, jeans.

6. What do you usually wear in winter ( summer ) ? Write 5 sentences.

7.Use the verb to be in the right forms to complete the sentences:

1) The nightie _____ too long for the girl. She is not going to wear it.

2) The new pyjamas ______one of the presents Mike got for his birthday.

3) I saw a beautiful dress in the shop window. The dress _____very fashionable too.

4) These clothes _____ not for hot weather. Wear something light.

5) Jane’s new leggings _____dark blue. She puts them on with a yellow T-shirt.

6) – Where ____my slippers? I can’t find them.

-- Here, take mine.

7) Now jackets _____ very popular with teenagers. A lot more popular than coats.

8) The first jeans _____blue. Now they _____in different colours.

8. Complete the sentences with pronouns: these, this, they, them.

1) ____clothes are not for me, ____are for my younger sister.

2) I want green shorts but _____shorts are grey, not green.

3) Your white trousers are dirty. Wash _____ .

4) Can I have ______ red pyjamas, please? I like _____very much.

5) ______ mittens are very nice. I can wear _____ with my fur coat.

6) People don’t wear Christmas stockings. They put little presents in ______ .

7) I like trainers, ______ are good for running and jumping.

8) ______ pink dressing gown can be a good present for mother.

9.Use the verbs in brackets in the right forms to complete the sentences.

1) If he (go) _____to London next week, he (meet) _____his cousin Mary.

2) If you (not, change) ______your plans for the coming summer, I’ll go to the sea with you.

3) If they (have) ______some free time in the evening, they (visit) ______their old friends.

4) Denis (help) ______you with your work if you (ask) ______him.

5) I don’t know when I (watch) _______this new film but I really want to do it.

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