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Тест по английскому языку на тему "Prepositions"

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Выберите правильный вариант предлога:

1. Our football team take part … the competition.

A to B from C at D in E on

2. I haven’t read this newspaper yet. I only looked it … .

A in B through C after D up E out

3. Go … reading the story. I want to know its end.

A in B about C out D on E through

4. Do you learn all your answers off … heart.

A on B in C out D by E at

5. Alice sang a song … the concert.

A in B by C at D on E of

6. I am interested … most sport.

A for B on C in D with E at

7. I fell … the stairs and broke my leg.

A up B down C by D on E with

8. After Harris had failed his exams three times, he gave … trying to enter the college.

A on B for C up D at E of

9. Doing exercise is good … your health.

A in B to C with D from E for

10. Peter is a person I can rely … .

A for B on C at D about E in

11. We met … a conference last Monday.

A by B for C under D at E with

12. We had a good view as we were flying … Moscow.

A over B on C under D along E at

13. He generally gets up at 7 o’clock … the morning.

A at B by C of D in E on

14. We waited … her till the end … the party.

A to / to B to / of C for / of D of / for E to / on

15. .......Tuesday we usually get up rather early.

A on B at C in D by E for

16. He never goes to school ...... car.

A in B on C by D for E at

17. Our classes are over ....... half past two.

A in B of C on D by E at

18. What happened …... him ....... Friday?

A to/with B to/on C to/on D with/at E at/at

19.This school is famous ….. its school museum.

A in B for C of D up E down

20. There are many subjects ..... the timetable.

A on B in C at D for E out

21. Bill is never late ..... school.

A at B on C for D from E up

22. Will you join..... me?

A to B with C - D on E at

23. He never laughs …….. children.

A at B on C over D under E with

24. We get …….Nick very well. We sit.... the same desk.

A with/on B on with/at C in/for D off/on E on to/over

25. Nick is fond ….. travelling.

A of B in C at D with E on

26. The old lady was proud …. her son.

A in B on C at D with E of

27. Have you bought the tickets … the play?

A in B for C on D by E up to

28. Where is my cell-phone, … the way?

A by B at C on D in E for

29. What’s … television tonight?

A in B on C for D by E at

30. Do you like to listen … the music?

A - B to C at D for E in

31. We went … London … last month.

A to/- B in/to C to/ in D on/for E in/-

32. I usually go to school …. bus.

A on B for C - D by E in

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