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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по английскому языку на тему "Словообразование" (9-10 класс)

Тест по английскому языку на тему "Словообразование" (9-10 класс)

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Word-formation test.


  1. People are more empathetic and help… towards those similar to them.

(-al: -able: -ful: -ous)

2. As Oscar Wild put it serious… is the last refuge of the shallow.

(-hood: -dom: -ment: -ness)

3. The universe came into exist… at a point in the distant past.

(-ence: -ance: -ion: ment)

4. All children in the UK are offered vaccinations against key diseases as part of the national child… immunization schedule.

(-hood: -dom: -ance: -ment)

5. To win an argue… with an authority figure one should use a couple of strategies.

(-hood: -dom: -ship: -ment)

6. Joint owner… of property is quite simple where more than one person owns property with another.

(-ance: -ship; -hood; -dom)

7. The eat… parts of the plants are leaf blades with smaller veins.

( -al; -able; -ant; ment)

8. Some iPhone cameras generate a green… tint while others not.

(-al; -able; -ish; -ic)

9. Business shouldn’t have object in the public domain or of political, religious or patriot… nature.

(-al; -able; -ish;-ic)

10. There are quite a lot of people working in healing profession but not each of them really becomes a heal….

(-ant; -er;-ent; -ist)

11. In psychology scientists describe betray… as breaking of social contract.

(al; -ant; -ance; -ment)

12. The location of South Wales port can be advantage… in terms of reducing sea-freight cost to and from many destinations.

(-ful; -ous; -ive; -able)

13. To reduce airport cost there has been designed and implemented a depart… control system in Britain.

(-ance; -al; -ure; -ent)

Word-formation test.


  1. Globalization is considered to wid… gap between the rich and the poor.

(-ary; -en; -fy; -ize)

2. The Chin… lunar New Year is the longest chronological record in history dating from 2600 BC.

(-al; -ist; -ant; -ese)

3.An …moral person or thing has low or corrupt moral standards, an amoral person or thing has no moral standards at all.

(-ir; -in; il; im)

4. It is easy to …interpret someone’s e-mail if it’s author has poor Grammatik skills.

(-dis; -un; -miss; -under)

5. There is always an opportunity for British students to …take supervised revision before the exam period.

(-dis; -un; -mis; -under)

6. British banks are making an attempt to …freeze the short-term money markets.

(-dis; -un; -miss; -under)

7. Bad weather often … pleases people.

(-dis; -un; -miss; -under)

8. Popular… isn’t something that comes overweight.

(-ship; -ist; -ity; -ance)

9. Kierkegaard described bore… as the roof of all evil.

(-ship; -dom; -ant; -ment)

10. The types of incedent… computer usage include personal use of e mail, surfing the web or storing personal data files or pictures.

(-al; -able; -less; -ful)

11. Capital punish… is also known as the death penalty.

(-dom; -ship; -ance; -ment)

12. Since ancient times people have believed that predict… for the future is possible.

(-ion; -hood; -ant; -ment)

13. There is a diversity of beaches, snow… volcanoes and tropical forests in Ecuador.

(-ful; -ly; -less; -y;)

14. A person living in a town is called a town….

(-ee; -ly; -ish; -y)

Word-formation test.


  1. There are the authors who write in a friend… and accessible manner, so that their texts can be easily understood by readers.

(-full; -ly; -ish; -y)

  1. The Spartans considered arrows wimpy and woman… weapon, because they killed from a distance.

(-ive; -ly; -ish; -y)

  1. A care… person is someone who doesn’t take very much care over what is he doing.

(-full; -less; able; --ant)

4. Psychologists have found that women show a strong prefer… for healthy looking

men. (-ence; -ship; -ance; -ant)

5. The telephone us… report from Apps Communications displays the number of hours each

employee has been on the phone.

(-ion; -ant; -age; -ure)

6. The entire industry is expected to computer… by the end of the next year.

(-ation; -fy; -ary; -ize)

7. The university of Mary’s Leadership Academy is developing a cooperative plan including events and ideas to active… the students.

(-ation; -ate; -ize; -fy)

8. The World Econom… Forum Annual Meeting in Davos has brought together a highly

influential group of political leaders.

(-al; -y; -ic; -ly)

9. There has been a lot of news recently regarding creditors’ …responsible lending.

(-ir; -in; -il; -im)

10. All sports stadiums and arenas are inherently places of wonder and worship because they

host the events that …rich our lives.

(-re; -over; -en; -under)

11. Trevor Phillips, the head of the new Human Rights and Equality Commission is sure that

scientists should …write British history to make it more inclusive.

(-re; -over; -en; -under)

  1. British homeowners …pay on home insurance by an average 1.7 billion pounds a year, according to new figures released by Bardays Insurance.

(dis-; un-; mis-; over-)

  1. Dental treatment is mostly not pain… nowdays.


Word-formation test.


1. There is a question how investors can recover money, lost due …suitable recommendation and bad advice by stockbrokers?

(dis-; un-; mis- en-)

2. There is an opinion that political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respect….


3. Mark Twain used to say that frank… is a jewel and only the young can afford it.


  1. One of the most famous statements in American film… came from Jack Ncholson playing a corrupt general.


  1. Creativity and imagination are considered to be end….


6. Comedy is a dramatic work that is light and often humour… or satirical in tone.


  1. A strong loving relation… helps us to feel secure and thrive in a busy exciting world.


  1. If someone has interest in any creat… activities, there is a vast majority of possibilities to develop skills.


  1. Elevation to icon… status demands hard work and tremendous efforts.


10. Whichever airport is your destination point, you need to go through arrive… formalities.


11. Sigmund Freud’s study has received a name of Freud….


12. Do solar planets work in winter producing electricity on cloud… days?


  1. Learning music… instruments is a gift for life.


Word-formation test.


1. К каким частям речи относятся слова? С помощью суффиксов образуйте неск. Сущ.

Journal, child, member, king, slave, fluent, loyal, weak, generous, reluctant, produce, employ, inhabit, dismiss, cover.

Составьте список использованных суффиксов, для каждого из них найдите ещё по одному примеру сущ.

  1. Как приставки изменили значение слов?

misunderstand undercooked overworked

subway replace disagree

irregular monolingual undress

postgraduate antibiotic income

multiracial impolite autobiography

Найдите ещё по одному примеру использования каждой приставки.

  1. Перефразируйте предложения.

    1. A lot of people in small towns are unemployed (unemployment).

    2. You are probably healthier if you’re vegetarian than if you eat a lot of meat.(vegetarianism)

    3. There are a lot of computers now in factories and offices (computerized).

    4. Television should first educate, and then entertain.(education, entertainment)

    5. Everybody admires this beautiful building.(beauty)

    6. Science has been developing very quickly in the last thirty years.(scientific)

    7. People often value friendship more than love. (friend)

    8. A lot of football fans behave in a very violent way after matches. (violence)

  1. Используйте слово в скобках в нужном месте и в нужной форме.

It was obvious that Jack was an … man, (importance)

of considerable … and sophistication. (intelligent)

He had an air of … about him. (confident)

He was not a …, but a marketing man. (science)

He wanted to change the world, or at least

make a …. (different)

Word-formation test.


  1. Используя соответствующие суффиксы, образуйте от данных слов глаголы.

modern industry pure

wide revolution terror

simple long deaf

Составьте список использованных суффиксов, для каждого из них приведите ещё по три примера глаголов.

  1. При помощи приставок образуйте антонимы.

noun adjective verb

smoker possible tie

agreement honest motivate

ability moral cover

order logical connect

maturity responsible colonise

comfort violent

3.Заполните пропуски производными от слов в скобках.

1. Young people nowadays expect to have a lot of … (depend).

2. When I was in trouble she was very … and … (help\ sympathy).

3. He can’t work on his own, he needs a lot of … (guide).

4. You have to do it and I won’t tolerate … (obey).

5. Collect all your … and get out of here (possess).

6. I can’t bear his … remarks any more (sex).

7. The new school has all the facilities for the … (able).

8. His attitude is totally ….

- I don’t know what he wants (comprehend).

4.Образуйте от данных слов как можно больше производных.

Sense, critic, depend, comfort, avoid, attract, memory, office, friend.

Word-formation test.


  1. Используя суффиксы, образуйте от данных слов прилаг. (возможны неск. вариантов).

hope history coward

enjoy silk hero

ambition care impress

hair explode harm

trouble fury child

practice fool revolution

atom music economy

Составьте список использованных суффиксов и приведите ещё по три примера прилагательных.

  1. От слов приведённых ниже образуйте соответствующие новые слова.

  1. refuse – (noun)

  2. examine – (noun – person who takes an exam)

  3. pay – (adjective- being paid too little)

  4. appear – (noun- stop being visible)

  5. deceive – (noun)/ (adjective)

  6. resist – (adjective- very attractive, charming)

  7. danger – (adjective – being in danger of dying out)

  8. effect – (adj. –lacking effect)

  9. horror – (adj. – terribly scared)

  10. surprise – (adverb)

  11. large – (verb)

  12. popular – (verb)

  13. short – (noun – not having enough of something)

  14. anxious – (noun)

  1. Заполните пропуски производными от слов в скобках.

  1. The cakes looked so delicious that I found them absolutely … (resist).

  2. This monument … all those who died in the Warsaw uprising (memory).

  3. This dress is too short, we must … it (long).

  4. His … saved us a lot of trouble during the crisis (wise).

  5. The … to the show is free for children and soldiers (admit).

  6. This washing machine is … cheap, if you look at its quality (compare).

  7. Marion had to … from the beauty contest when her bikini was stolen (draw).

  8. … is a mirror of vices, compared to others (patient).

  9. Dr. Jones works as an … to the logical government (advice).

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