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Тест по английскому языку На тему "Сравнение прилагательных" 6 класс

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Choose the right answer

1. I have met … girl in the world recently. 
a) the most pretty
b) the prettiest
c) more prettier
d) pretty

2. This voyage is … dangerous than the previous one.
a) more
b) much
c) a more
d) far

3. You look … than you looked 2 years ago. What’s wrong?
a) the worst
b) badder
c) bad
d) worse

4. This actor is already old. He’s not … tall … he used to be.
a) as/as
b) is/as
c) as/so
d) too/as

5. When will you be back? – I’ll return … .
a) later
b) the late
c) latest
d) more later

6. I want a much … (намного меньший) piece of pie. And I want the … (самый маленький) one.
a) less/least
b) little/least
c) more little/least
d) less/most little

7. The … you will make an agreement, the … we will be free.
a) soon/soon
b) sooner/sooner
c) more/more
d) so/so

8. That river is four times … long …this one.

a) as/so
b) not/more than
c) as/as
d) too/than

9. Who is … actor at all time?
a) better
b) goodest
c) the goodest
d) the best

10. Where is … hospital? Go … along the street and you’ll find it.
a) the near/much far
b) nearest/further
c) near/far
d) the nearest/further

11. Jim’s is ... restaurant in our city.

  1. the expensiviest

  2. the more expensive

  3. expensivest

  4. the most expensive

12. This is the ... hangover I ever had. I’m never going to drink again.

  1. Baddest

  2. Worst

  3. Best

  4. Least

13. For ... information do not hesitate to call our assistant.

  1. Farther

  2. Furthest

  3. Fastest

  4. Far

14. It was ... joke I have ever heard!

  1. more funnier

  2. the funniest

  3. the most funniest

  4. funny

15.In my opinion the tiger is ... animal of all.

  1. more dangerous

  2. the dangeroustest

  3. very dangerous

  4. the most dangerous

16. Do you know that dinosaurs were ... than houses?

  1. Bigger

  2. Smaller

  3. the biggest

  4. small

17. I enjoy living in the country. It’s ... than the city.

  1. Peacefulier

  2. many peaceful

  3. more peaceful

  4. the most peaceful

18. The harder he works ... he becomes.

  1. very successful

  2. the more successful

  3. very much successful

  4. the most successful

19. The noise got ... until I could not bear it any longer.

  1. much more louder and louder

  2. loudest and loudest

  3. louder and louder

  4. the loudest

20.Their car was twice as ... as ours.

  1. more expensive

  2. expensive

  3. expensivier

  4. the most expensive

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