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Тест по английскому языку по теме "Косвенная речь"

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Choose the correct variant:

  1. Ted asks…

    1. they are from Africa b) if they are from Africa c) if are they from Africa

  1. Mr. Smith offers … the letters tomorrow

    1. Send b) to send c) if to send

  1. The teacher asks why … the book

    1. They like b) do they like c) if they like

  1. He says he… his grandparents next weekend.

a)that he will visit b) if will visit c) will visits

5) She tells the pupils … at the lessons.

a) don’t talk b)not to talk c) if not to talk

6) Mr. Clark asks me …

a) I have seen his garden b) if I have seen his garden c)if have I seen his garden

7) She says …

a) are newspapers bought every day b) if newspapers are bought every day c)that the newspapers are bought every day

8) Jerry wonders … much snow in the forest.

a) if there is b) if is there c)that there is

9) The teacher asks the pupils… run in the classroom.

a) don’t b) not c)not to

10) Mr.Smith offers … a new calculator.

a) buy b) to buy c) buys

II) Make the sentences Reported

  1. Fanny asks Nadine: “Did you write a test yesterday?”

  2. Samuel says to Kitty: “Do you go to music school every day?”

  3. Francis says: “Were you sleeping at 5 yesterday, Kenny?”

  4. Donna asks Lily: “Where are you going?”

  5. Lena says: “Cathy, what do you do in the morning?”

  6. Sintia asks: “Why are you so sad, Diana?”

  7. Barbie asks me: “When did you visit the UK?”

  8. Sam says to me: “My mother is a doctor.”

  9. Bonnie says: “Andy, take off your shoes!”

  10. Dick says to Greg: “Don’t go away.”



I) Choose the correct variant:

1)Mother asks me … open the door.

a)not b)don’t c) not to

2)I wonder where… now

a)are they b) they c) they are

3)He asks what …

a) she likes b)did she like c)does she like

4)Mary offers … some sandwiches

a)make b)to make c)makes

5)Granny asks me … eat ice-cream

a)don’t b)not c)not to

6)She asks where …

a)do they live b)they do live c) they live

7)The teacher asks when… home

a)he come b)he comes c)does he come

8)He wonders why …very expensive

a)it b) it is c) is it

9)The teacher asks the pupils…

a) to stop talking b)stop talking c)stop to talking

10)Bob wonders …her next week

a) if he will meet b)he will meet c)if will he meet

II) Make the sentences Reported

  1. Annie says to me: “Are you a student?”

  2. Katie asks me: “Will you go to the cinema with me?”

  3. Harry says to Johnny: “Is your father at work now?”

  4. Winnie asks Ellie: “When will you join us?”

  5. Alison asks: “Mummy, with what have you cooked pancakes?”

  6. Juliet asks: “Daddy, why did you buy this coat last week?”

  7. She asks me: “Please, go and turn the radio off”.

  8. Kitty says: “Don’t help me.

  9. He says to me: “I don’t swim in the morning.”

  10. Billy says: “Granny, water the flowers in the garden.”

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