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Тест по английскому языку по теме "Семья"

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Read the letter and fill in. There is one extra word.

countries eyes old twins world sportsmen Australia friends reading

uncle England tall family favourite cousins sisters

Dear Nick,

Hi! I'm John Crook and I'm thirteen years 1)_____. I'm from Canberra. It’s the capital of 2)_____. I’d like to speak about my 3)_____and myself.

My parents' names are Sue and Sam. My dad is 4)_____with dark hair. My mum is short with long, fair hair and blue 5)_____. I haven't got a brother but I've got two 6)_____. They're 7)_____. Their names are Helen and Mary and they're eight.

Mike is my father's brother. He is my beloved 8)_____. He's a doctor and he's married to Janet. They've got two children, Dave and Gill. They’re my 9)_____.

Tom and Beth are my grandparents. They are in their late sixties. They like to travel round the 10)_____. They visit a lot of 11)_____ and see different cities.

As for me, I enjoy 12)_____. I can’t live without a book, that’s why my 13)_____subject is Literature. I am a student of a secondary school. I go in for swimming and windsurfing. My motherland is a country of good 14)_____.

Well, that's all about me and my family.

And you? What about your relatives? What’s your favourite subject at school? Do you have many 15)_____?

Please, write soon and tell me about your family and yourself. Send a picture, too.

Bye for now,


Find out if these sentences are true (+), false (-) or not stated (?).

  1. Sue is John’s mum.

  2. John has got two brothers.

  3. He has got an aunt.

  4. Mike is single.

  5. Tom and Beth are Sam’s parents.

  6. John’s grandparents are pensioners.

  7. John is good at school.

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