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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Тест по английскому языку по теме " Временные формы глагола" ( 8 класс)

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8 класс


1. This isn’t my textbook, __________ is at home.

a) my      b) mine     c) mine book      d) mine one

2. If he__________ London by train, he will get there on Wednesday.

a) leaves for       b) will leave for        c) leave for            d) left for

3. Our daughter is good __________ foreign languages.

a) with               b) for               c) in                 d) at

4. He looks worn out. He ___________ a sleepless night.

a) must have     b) can have     c) must have had              d) can have had

5. You are wrong. You had better _________ again.

a) to try              b) trying                      c) tried                d) try

6. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. Yesterday there wasn’t cloudy _______.

a) too                 b) neither                    c) also             d) either

7. She wanted Tom _________ beside her and hold the umbrella.

a) to stand                     b) stand                      c) was standing                      d) stood

8. You _________ a lovely song when I entered the room.

a) sang               b) had sung                c) was singing             d) were singing

9. The car isn’t worth __________.

a) to repair     b) repairing                 c) to be repaired                     d) being repaired

10. I wish I ________ nearer my work because it takes me much time to get there.

a) live                 b) will live                  c) had lived                d) lived

11. We….in Moscow now.

a) live b)have lived c) lives d) lived

12. Yesterday I….a wonderful dream.

a) had b) have. c)am having d)haved

13. I have many friends….are interesting.

a)They b)Them c)It d)Its

14. I can see many…in the yard.

a)childs b)childrens c)children d)childes

15. India….in Asia.

a) is proud of b) is situated c) is interested in d) is in

16. We are going to the theater… Saturday.

a) in b)at c)on d) to

17. It usually…me ten minutes to get to the Post Office.

a)takes b) took c) take d) taking

18. I go to the swimming pool ……… a week.

a)two b)twice c)three d)second

19. I listen …… the radio every morning.

a)at b)to c)for d)of

20. Pay attention…your pronunciation.

a) in b)at c)to d)in

8 класс


1. He will translate the text if he _________a dictionary at hand.

a) will have        b) has              c) would have             d) have

2. My friend is interested _________ architecture.

a) in                    b) on               c) about                      d) for

3. When I entered the room, she ___________ on the sofa.

a) lay                  b) is lying        c) was lieing               d) was lying

4. John ___________take a taxi because he was late.

a) could              b) was to         c) was able to             d) had to

5. Do you mind _________?

a) my smoking               b) me smoke               c) I smoke                   d) to smoke

6. What made you _________ such a stupid thing?

a) to do              b) do               c) did              d) have done

7. If I were you, I _________ a house in the country

a) bought           b) would buy              c) will buy                  d) would bought

8. Mary hasn’t any spare time and ___________.

a) neither have I            b) either have I           c) so I              d) I haven’t too.

9. We had better _________ if we want to get there before dark.

a) to hurry up                 b) hurry up                  c) hurried up               d) hurrying up

10. This film _________.

a) is much spoken about            b) is speaking much about      c) speaks much about

11. I go to the swimming pool ……… a week.

a)two b)twice c)three d)second

12. I listen …… the radio every morning.

a)at b)to c)for d)of

13. Pay attention…your pronunciation.

a) in b)at c)to d)in

14. The film…yesterday.

a) was shown b)were shown c) is shown d) are shown

15. Our new English textbook ….next year.

a)was published b)is published c)will be published d) are published

16. Whose ticket is this? (It belongs to you)

a)yours b)mine c)ours d) your

17. Have you seen the boy…won the competition?

a)which b)who c)- d)whose

18. Our school is…good.

a)quite b)quiet c)quietly d) quietle

19. I can speak neither French nor German.-English is…foreign language I can speak.

a) the only b)only c) one d) first

20. I have many friends….are interesting.

a)They b)Them c)It d)Its

Ключи 8 класс:


1b;    2a;       3d;       4c;       5d;       6d;       7a;       8d;       9b;       10d; 11a; 12a;

13a; 14c; 15b; 16c; 17a; 18b; 19b; 20c;


I.1b;       2a;       3d;       4d;       5a;       6b;       7b;       8a;       9b;       10a; 11b; 12b;

13c; 14a; 15c; 16a; 17b; 18a; 19a; 20a;

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