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Тест по английскому языку "Предлоги"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Choose the preposition.

  1. Our lessons begin …. 9 o’clock. ( A. on B. at C. in)

  2. Children like to play…. football. (A. in B.-- C. on)

  3. The book was written … L. Tolstoy. (A.-- B. of C. by)

  4. Russia is rich …. natural resources. (A. in B. of C. for)

  5. We go … school every day. (A .in B. to C. by)

  6. Russia is famous …. its writers. (A. to B. in C. for)

  7. The house belongs … my father. (A. on B. to C. --)

  8. History is closely connected … literature. (A. with B. by C. on)

  9. The United Kingdom consists … 4 parts. (A. of B. in C. --)

  10. We don’t go to school … Saturday. (A. in B. on C. at)

  11. Russia is washed …. 3 oceans. (A. of B. by C. with)

  12. The daughter differs …. her mother. (A. of B. -- C. from)

  13. The official name … the country is the Russian Federation.( A. of B. on C.-)

  14. People speak … different languages. (A. - B. on C. in)

  15. I am proud … my parents. (A. with B. - C .of)

  16. I was born … the 7th of June. (A. on B. in C. -)

  17. I usually drink coffee … breakfast. (A. in B. on C. for)

  18. He waited …. you at the cinema. (A. - B. of C. for)

  19. The room was filled … sunlight. (A. with B. of C. into)

  20. They didn’t agree … their parents. ( A. to B. with C. -)

  21. During our visit to London we stayed … English families. ( A.- B. with C. in)

  22. All children were full … fun watching the concert. (A. of B. in C. from)

  23. The little girl was afraid … mice and spiders. (A. - B. of C. by)

  24. We listened … our teacher attentively. (A. to B.- C. on)

  25. In the evening we went … a walk in the park. (A. to B. on C. for)

  26. My mum gets to work … bus. (A. on B. in C. by)

  27. My parents come home … work late. (A. at B. from C. of)

  28. I have never been … Italy. ( A. in B. of C. to)

  29. The book is divided … 3 chapters. (A. in B. from C. into)

  30. The school hall was decorated … flowers. (A. with B. of C. -)

Краткое описание документа:

Предлоги в английском языке играют важную роль и представляют определённую сложность для учащихся. Предлагаю тест, который содержит 30 заданий и 3 ответа на выбор. Тест можно использовать при обобщении в 8 классах и старше. Часть заданий не представляет труда, но есть предложения, где учащиеся часто допускают ошибки. Тест поможет отработать сложные случаи.

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