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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по английскому языку с I по IV четверти и итоговый тест за весь учебный год
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  • Иностранные языки

Тест по английскому языку с I по IV четверти и итоговый тест за весь учебный год


7 класс. 1 четверть

1. My hair is dirty. I _____ wash it.

  1. should

  2. have to

  3. must

2. The city museum is very interesting. You _____ visit it.

  1. must

  2. could

  3. have to

3. I eat too much chocolate. I really ______ stop.

  1. must

  2. should

  3. don't have to

4. He doesn't look well. I think he ______ go to the doctor.

  1. has to

  2. must

  3. should

5. We decided not to go to the countryside. You ______ get up early tomorrow.

  1. mustn't

  2. don't have to

  3. shouldn't

6. I can't buy a drink. I haven't got ______ money.

  1. some

  2. no

  3. any

7. There are ______ beautiful flowers in the garden.

  1. some

  2. any

  3. much

8. Do you drink _______ tea?

  1. many

  2. much

  3. few

9. My father knows ______ about computers.

  1. much

  2. some

  3. many

10. I drink _______ coffee. I don't like it.

  1. very little

  2. very few

  3. some

11. There isn't _____ milk in the fridge.

  1. some

  2. any

  3. a

12. There was only _____ butter left.

  1. many

  2. a little

  3. a few

13. Is there _____ butter in the fridge?

  1. some

  2. any

  3. an

14. I do not have _____ juice.

  1. some

  2. any

  3. a

15. I need ______ butter.

  1. some

  2. any

  3. a

16. I ... to school every day.

a) go

b) goes

c) gos

17. He often ... this book.

a) read

b) reads

c) is read

18. She never ... English with me.

a) speaks

b) speak

c) spek

19. Every Sunday we .... to the theatre.

a) does go

b) goes

c) go

20. She ... six years old

a) am

b) are

c) is

7 класс. 2 четверть

1) chalk

2) desk

3) learn

4) knowledge

5) primary school

6) teacher

7) cloak-room

8) lesson

9) discussion

10) pupil

a) знания

b) учитель

c) обсуждение

d) мел

e) учить

f) начальная школа

g) урок

h) парта

i) ученик

j) раздевалка

11) His father ____ him there in his car.

a) take

b) takes

c) taken

12) The exams at school ____ in June.

a) start

b) starts

c) started

13) Sarah ____ eating apples.

a) hates          

b) hate         

c) hating

14) I ____ usually work on Saturdays.

a) doesn’t        

b) don’t       

c) haven’t

15) My brother ____ animals.

a) do not like

b) not like

c) does not like

16) ____ Tom and Bob play tennis every week?

a) Did        

b) Do         

c) Does

17) Where ____ they from?

a) is              

b) are         

c) am

18) One of her brothers (to make) a tour of Europe last summer.

a. made

b. makes

c. maked

19) I (to go) to bed at ten o’clock yesterday.

a. go

b. went

c. goes

20) We (not to rest) yesterday.

a. did not rest

b. did not rested

c. do not rest

7 класс. 3 четверть.

1. Our lazy ________ doesn’t want to catch mice.   
a. cat
b. dog
c. cow

2. ________ give us milk and meat.
a. cats
b. dogs
c. cows

3. We use ________ to guard our house.
a. cats
b. dogs
c. cows

4. ________ and cream is my favourite dessert.
a. onion
b. cabbage
c. strawberry

5. Blue ________ is the biggest mammal in the world.
a. elephant
b. hippopotamus
c. whale

6. There are a lot of ______ in the forests of Kazakhstan.

  1. wolf

  2. wolves

7. Squirrels eat a lot of ______ .

  1. leaves

  2. leaf

8. I have seen a lot of ______ in the zoo of the U.K.

  1. rhino

  2. rhinos

9. Wolves have sharp _______ .

  1. teeth

  2. tooth

10. There are a lot of _______ .

  1. children

  2. child

11. __________ dogs in the park.

a. There is

b. There are

12. __________ sugar in the tea.

a. There is

b. There are

13. __________ salt in the pasta.

a. There is

b. There are

14. __________ 3 pencils on the table.

a. There is

b. There are

15. __________ some children in the class.

a. There is

b. There are

16. __________ some sand in my shoe.

a. There is

b. There are

17. __________ people on the bus.

a. There is

b. There are

18. __________ not much pollution in this city.

a. There is

b. There are

19. __________ many mistakes on your test.

a. There is

b. There are

20. __________ no time to finish the project.

a. There is

b. There are

7 класс. 4 четверть.

1. The capital of the UK is……….

A. Washington DC

B. England

C. London

2. The symbol of England is……..

A. a red rose

B. a white rose

C. a shamrock

3. The UK is washed by………. in the north.

A. the Irish Sea

B. the Atlantic Ocean

C. the North Sea

4. The flag of the UK is called………

A. Union Jack

B. Welsh dragon

C. Stars and Stripes

5. What`s the name of the most famous clock in Britain.

A. Big Albert

B. Big Ben

C. Big Wren

6. My mother .......... now.

A. sleeps

B. is sleeping

C. sleep

7. He never .......... pizza.

A. eats

B. is eating

C. eat

8. My friends……….doing homework.

A. hate

B. hates

C. is hating

9. Helen is ………….a book now.

A. read

B. reads

C. reading

10. Tony usually………..late.

A. works

B. work

C. is working.

11. My brother and I ………singing very much.

A. like

B. are liking

C. likes

12. We met ten years……

A. gone

B. ago

C. past

13. Did they …….home early last night?

A. arrived

B. arrives

C. arrive

14. They ….arrive tomorrow.

A. will

B. is

C. do

15. What……you doing when your father came?

A. was

B. were

C. are

16. She……..like cold weather.

A. doesn`t

B. don`t

C. hasn`t

17. He………at work yesterday.

A. wasn`t

B. were

C. weren`t

18. The Smiths always…..their holidays at the seaside.

A. are spending

B. spends

C. spend

19.We………a good performance last night.

A. saw

B. have seen

C. see

20. We……..a song when Mike came into the room.

A. sing

B. sang

C. were singing

7 класс. Итоговый тест

1. This is .......... egg.

A. an

B. a

C. -

2. It is .......... orange.

A. an

B. a

C. -

3. The children .......... at the cinema

A. is

B. have

C. are

4. There .......... a park near my house.

A. are

B. aren`t

C. is

5. They are ..........

A. knives

B. knifes

C. knife

6. How .......... juice is there in the bottle?

A. many

B. much

C. any

7. There are .......... carrots on the table.

A. some

B. any

C. much

8. Give me…….sugar, please.

A. a

B. an

C. some

9. There are……..apples on the plate.

A. many

B. much

C. any

10. Look at Sam! He .......... computer games.

A. plays

B. is playing

C. play

11. The sun .......... now.

A. is shining

B. shines

C. shine

12. Colin .......... shopping every Saturday morning.

A. go

B. gos

C. goes

13. Tom .......... to the radio now.

A. is listening

B. listens

C. listen

14. Listen! I……… ..to you.

A. am talk

B. am talking

C. talk

15. He………at a shop last year.

A. working

B. work

C. worked

16. Rachel……..the piano when her grandfather arrived.

A. was playing

B. is playing

C. plays

17. My mother doesn`t………in a travel agency.

A. work

B. works

C. working

18. I…………cooking an hour ago.

A. finished

B. finish

C. finishing

19. She usually……..her friends at the weekends.

A. meeting

B. meets

C. meet

20. Greg ……..Mum`s vase yesterday.

A. broken

B. broke

C. breaks

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