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Тест по английскому языку " Употребление страдательного залога

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Английский язык, 7 класс

*Внимание! Во всех вопросах только один правильный ответ

1. The cat was … with the sausage but it didn’t like it.

A) feed

B) fed

C) feeds

D) feeding

2. Children are … everything best their parents can do for them.

A) given

B) gave

C) giving

D) to give

3. The rooms … and looked tidy.

A) were cleaned

B) cleaned

C) were cleaning

D) are cleaning

4. Ann is let … after her disease.

A) to get up

B) get up

C) got up

D) getting up

5. Robin was allowed … this book from the book case.

A) take

B) to take

C) took

D) taking

6. Christopher Columbus … America in 1492.

A) was discovered

B) has discovered

C) discovered

D) is discovering

7. When you see a big green house, turn left.

A) is turned

B) has turn

C) turn `

D) turned

8. The road was very bad and a horse was … by the coach from time to time.

A) stop

B) to stop

C) stopped

D) stopping

9. Before the new school year the classroom was thoroughly … up.

A) cleaning

B) clean

C) to clean

D) cleaned

10. The game … yesterday was very exciting!

A) play

B) to play

C) played

D) playing

11. Did you read the article … in our school newspaper yesterday?

A) published

B) publishing

C) publish

D) to publish

12. Two new houses … for workers of this plant in our town.

A) are build

B) built

C) build

D) will be built

13. The town … badly by the earthquake.

A) destroyed .

B) was destroyed

C) to destroy

D) was destroying

14. Have you heard the news … in the internet?

A) posting

B) post

C) posted

D) had posted

15. Who will be in charge of the window … in the corridor?

A) breaking

B) broken

C) broke

D) has broken

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