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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по английскому за 1 семестр (общие знания)
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  • Иностранные языки

Тест по английскому за 1 семестр (общие знания)



  1. I usually get up … six o’clock.

a) on b) at c) in

  1. Have you got … cheese?

a) the b)some c) any

  1. His ... family is large.

a) a b)the c)-

  1. There isn’t … water in the bottle.

a) a b) any c) some

  1. She … hungry.

a) have b)is c) has

  1. Kate is my friend. I like … very much.

a) she b) her c) him d) me

  1. in Kislovodsk?

a) you live b) are you live c) do you live d) you do live

  1. I … late.

a) is b) are c) am d) aren’t

  1. We … our English lessons in the morning.

a) has b) have c) is d) are

  1. Our children … in the classroom

a) am b) is c) are d) isn’t

  1. Did he ... it to Fred.

a) gives, b) give, c) gave

  1. There …some wine in the glass.

a) is b) are c) have

  1. We ... in Minsk .

a) live b) lives c) living d) to live

  1. Is it a good room? – No it …

a) aren’t b) isn’t c) is

  1. The spoons … on the table.

a) are b) am c) is

  1. Are you a doctor? – No, I … not a doctor.

a) am b) is c) are

  1. … is my friend.

a) I b) they c) she d) you

  1. …look at the blackboard.

a) Not to b) Not c) Don’t d) Aren’t

  1. I … not … now.

a) am … reading b) are…reading c) am … read d) is … reading

  1. What … … reading?

a) is he b) he is c) are he

  1. There isn't ... coffee in the cups.

a) many b) much c) tea

  1. My sister likes travelling ...

a) very many b)few c)very much

  1. are your friends.

a) I b) they c) she d) you

  1. Is there ... fish at home left?

a) no, b) some, c) any

  1. What shall we have .... breakfast?

a) on b) in c) for

  1. Mr. Smith is … dentist.

a) a b) the c) –

  1. He is … old

a) a b) the c) –

  1. Peter ... his English lessons .

a) has b) have c) are

  1. My friends … their photos

a) don’t me send b) not send me c) don’t send me

  1. Give Jane ... pencils.

a) this b) a c) those d) that

  1. ... a map or a plan?

a) This is b) Is this c) Are these d) These are

  1. ... is your sister? - She is a doctor.

a) Who b) What c) Whose d) Who's

  1. Theyto their teacher now.

a) are listen b) listen c) is listening d) are listening

  1. The man ... in the room.

a) am b) are c) were d) is

  1. This is ... exercise-book.

a) an b) a c) the d) –

  1. Kate is my friend. I like ... very much,

a) she b) her c) him d) me

  1. Where ... you ... every day?

a) is...going b) does... go c)do...go d) are ...

  1. Don’t go …that room.

a) to b) in c) under d) on

  1. What... this pen?

a) is colour b) colour c) colour is

  1. Open the book ... page 10.

a) at b) on c) from d) in

  1. Mary speaks English .…

a) good, b) bad, c) well

  1. This pill is ... than that one.

a) good, b) better, c) best

  1. Take... chalk and write the text

a) a piece b) a piece from c) a piece off d) a piece of

  1. His sisters always give ... book to read,
    a) me b) my c) I d) they

  1. … do you live? – In Kislovodsk.

a) Which b) What c) Where

  1. ...are you doing? – I am reading a book

a) Who b) What c) Where

  1. What ... you ... now?

a) do … cook b) are … cooking c) does … cook d) is … cooking

  1. My mother ... well.

a) cook b) is cooking c) cooks d) are cooking

  1. Look. They ....

a) dance b) is dancing c) dances d) are dancing

  1. He must ... it tomorrow.

a) to read, b) read, c) will read, d) reading

  1. My brother ... to study German.

a) want b) wants c) are d) to want

  1. Where ... you ... every day?

a) do … go b) is … going c) does … go d) are … going

  1. When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?

a) July 4 b) December 25 c) February 14

  1. I should ... in bed for a week.

a) go b) stay c) smoke

  1. If you have … you should take a cough mixture

a) cough b) a sore throat c) sunstroke

  1. Take the medicine after … .

a) mixture b) tincture c) meal

  1. We need a syringe for….

a) soap b) meal c) air-ring d) injection

  1. Take a thermometer to… temperature.

a) put b) give c) take d) change

  1. Put mustard … on his back and chest.

a) vinegar b) pipette c) cups d) plaster

  1. Take the medicine after … .

a) mixture b) tincture c) meal

  1. Please, … my blood pressure.

a) feel b) check c) get

  1. This medicine … by your doctor.

a) prescribes b) is prescribed c) prescriptions

  1. At the ... you can buy medicines of all kinds.

a) chemist’s b) hospital c) polyclinic

  1. Give ... injection to the patient.

a) topically b) orally c) intravenous

  1. If you have an earache ... a compress on your ear.

a) take b) give c) put

  1. If he ... a cold, call in a doctor.

a) have b) gets c) catches

  1. A nurse must … an injection to this patient.

a) do b) give c) put

  1. If he has a headache ... him a tablet for it.

a) take b) give c) put

  1. Did Mr. Brown's friend ... these tablets?

a) takes, b) take, c) taken

  1. Take twenty … of the tincture.

a) prescriptions b) drops c) pills

  1. Keep the ampules in a … place.

a) dark b) light c) hot

  1. … the bottle with the mixture before use.

a) shake b) wash c) drink

  1. Rinse your mouth if you ...a toothache.

a) are afraid of b) have c) know

  1. Doctors ... her heart and lungs every day.

a) examine b) look at c) listen to

  1. The boy caught a cold, he had a ....

a) cough b) sunstroke c) nosebleed

  1. If you get a sunstroke you should ... your body.

a) cool b) cold c) soap

  1. Surgeons study …

a) pathology b) dermatology c) surgery

  1. studies obstetrics

a) A radiologist b) An obstetrician c) A venerologist

  1. I like medicine, so I want to be a …

a) nurse b) actor c) teacher

  1. What is the ... with you?

a) matter, b) hunger, c) finish

  1. If a person has a toothache he should visit a….

a) oculist b) anesthetist c) dentist

  1. If the … is from a leg raise the limb.

a) bleeding b) fracture c) shock

  1. If there is a… of a limb put a splint on it.

a) bleeding b) fracture c) shock

  1. Kislovodsk is a …

a) capital b) industrial city c) spa - town

  1. You don’t …well.

a) took b) look c) book

  1. This medicine is good for …

a) cold. b) hot c) sun

  1. The symptoms of are headache, sore throat, sneeze, high temperature, and running nose.

a) liver trouble b) heart trouble c) flu

  1. The symptoms of ... are severe pain and swelling.

a) fracture b) cold c) sunstroke

  1. A man has a…..

a) dentist b) well c) stomach-ache

  1. Call in a …. Granny has a heartache.

a) doctor b) chop c) teacher

  1. You should ... bleeding. as soon as possible.

a) stop b) begin c) keep

  1. Does it ... here? Yes, it does

a) feel b) put c) hurt

  1. Her … hurts very much.

a) leg b) friend c) toothache

  1. The … complains of sore throat and cough.

a) doctor b) nurse c) patient

  1. This is a…. Be careful. It can cause asphyxia.

a) sunstroke b) bruise c) poison

  1. He works in the … department.

a) surgical b) hospital c) home

  1. She works in the X-ray ….

a) college b) office c) department

  1. She has a … in her arm.

a) pain b) headache c) hurt

  1. I have some … with my heart. I’m worried about my health

a) good b) problem c) temperature

  1. Where I get any drugs?

a) can b) may c) must

Эталоны ответов

Английский язык

  1. b

  2. c

  3. c

  4. b

  5. b

  6. b

  7. c

  8. c

  9. b

  10. c

  11. b

  12. a

  13. a

  14. b

  15. a

  16. a

  17. c

  18. c

  19. a

  20. a

  21. b

  22. c

  23. b

  24. c

  25. c

  26. a

  27. c

  28. a

  29. c

  30. c

  31. b

  32. b

  33. d

  34. d

  35. a

  36. b

  37. c

  38. a

  39. c

  40. a

  41. c

  42. b

  43. d

  44. a

  45. c

  46. b

  47. b

  48. b

  49. d

  50. b

  51. b

  52. a

  53. a

  54. b

  55. a

  56. c

  57. d

  58. c

  59. d

  60. c

  61. b

  62. b

  63. a

  64. c

  65. c

  66. c

  67. b

  68. b

  69. b

  70. b

  71. a

  72. a

  73. b

  74. c

  75. a

  76. a

  77. c

  78. b

  79. a

  80. a

  81. c

  82. a

  83. b

  84. c

  85. b

  86. a

  87. c

  88. a

  89. c

  90. a

  91. a

  92. c

  93. a

  94. c

  95. c

  96. a

  97. c

  98. a

  99. b

  100. a

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