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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по 3 эпизоду первого сезона британского комедийного телевизионного сериала "Mind Your Language" («Выбирайте выражения»)

Тест по 3 эпизоду первого сезона британского комедийного телевизионного сериала "Mind Your Language" («Выбирайте выражения»)

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Mind Your Language (Season 1 Episode 3)


  1. True(T) or False(F):

  1. Daniella did her homework.

  2. Mr.Brown arrived in time.

  3. Ali Nadim came to school straight from his work.

  4. Ali Nadim was a postman.

  5. The scarf was made in England.

  6. A monitor is a person who can take charge of the class during the teacher’s absence.

  7. Mr.Brown wanted Anna to hand in the newspapers.

  8. Ranjeet was forced to get married.

  9. Surinder was a sister of Ranjeet’s father.

  10. Surinder looked beautiful twenty years ago.

  11. At first Ranjeet didn’t want to kill himself.

  12. Some of the students want to assist Ranjeet in committing the suicide.

  13. Ranjeet asked Mr. Brown to help him escape an arranged marriage.

  14. Jamila Ranjha was going to have a baby.

  15. Ranjeet was cleaning the windows because he was a window cleaner.

  16. Ranjeet and Surinder loved each other in their childhood and their love is still growing now.

  17. Mr. Brown wanted to marry Surinder.

  18. The students didn’t manage to do their homework.

  19. Surinder’s father came to the school and wanted to slice Ranjeet into many pieces.

  20. Mr. Brown pointed out the differences between his and Surinder’s religious and cultural backgrounds.

  1. Choose the right variant:

1. A figure of speech a) is a way of expressing an idea by way of contrast or comparison

b) is a way of expressing the idea by telling a lie

c) means what it says

2. As light as a feather a) лёгкий на подвиг

b) лёгкий как пёрышко

с) светлый как ангел

3. As blind as … a) a white cat

b) a bat

a) a whistle

4. As sly as … a) an ox

b) a Muslim

c) a fox

5. What is wrong with the sentence: My dogs is in the garden. a) I don’t have a garden.

b) My dogs are in the garden.

c) My dog’s are in the garden.

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