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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по грамматике по теме "Настоящее завершенное время"

Тест по грамматике по теме "Настоящее завершенное время"

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  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

  1. Open brackets using Present Perfect

  1. Our football team _____________________________ (just, arrive) after the final match.

  2. Mark _____________________________ (already, leave) us. We’ll miss him so much.

  3. _____________________________ (John, tell, already) you what happened to him yesterday?

  4. We _____________________________ (not, understand) anything since he started to speak.

  5. Don’t try to open the door. They _____________________________ (not, repair, it, yet).

  1. Make sentences

  1. No/kept/one/has/silent/accident/the/after.


  1. Seen/1996/not/Sam/since/has/Julie.


  1. You/yet/have/task/done/the/not?


  1. He/film/seen/the/ever/before/has?


  1. Already/the/we/rules/learnt/all/have.


  1. Find and correct all the mistakes

  1. I hasn’t heard any sounds until you came in. __________________________________________________

  2. Nobody hasn’t done anything wrong. ____________________________________________________

  3. I have never listen to such a beautiful song. ____________________________________________________

  4. You have already done it? ____________________________________________________

  5. Chris just has told me everything. ____________________________________________________

  1. Have gone or have been

  1. I _____________________________ to Paris for two weeks but now I’m here for you.

  2. How many times _____________________________ to Poland?

  3. They’re having a good time in German. They _____________________________ there for six months.

  4. My sister _____________________________ to the shop. She has just got home.

  5. Tim _____________________________ abroad and has brought gifts for us.

  1. Past Simple or Present Perfect

  1. I _____________________________ have, just) a nice pot of coffee. Would you like a cup?

  2. I _____________________________ (see, not) Steve this morning yet.

  3. Carol and I are old friends. I _____________________________ (know) her since I _____________________________ (be) a freshman in high school.

  4. Maria _____________________________ have) a lot of problems since she _____________________________ (come) to this country.

  5. I  _____________________________ (go) to Paris in 2003 and 2006.

  1. Open brackets using Present Perfect

  1. _____________________________ (ever, think, you) about a trip to Disneyland?

  2. Don’t be so upset. Everything _____________________________ (already, finish).

  3. I _____________________________ (not, read) this book yet.

  4. Missy isn’t here. She _____________________________ (just, go away).

  5. Do you want to go with me? I _____________________________ (never, be) there.

  1. Make sentences

  1. Sue/sold/already/car/has/her.


  1. New/not/I/unpacked/my/playstation/have/yet.


  1. Checked/you/your/homework/have/already?


  1. Worked/since/he/not/has/there/July.


  1. Him/present/I/a/made/great/have/


  1. Find and correct all the mistakes

  1. You have heard about her new book? __________________________________________________

  2. Don’t make me cry. I have did everything that I could. ____________________________________________________

  3. I haven’t never watched Chinese movies. ____________________________________________________

  4. Mike have done his flat just in time. ____________________________________________________

  5. Now I see you has been good to me. ____________________________________________________

  1. Have gone or have been

  1. _____________ you ________________ to Kremlin in Moscow?

  2. Jane isn’t here. She _____________________________ to the cinema with friends.

  3. I’m alone at home now. Everyone _____________________________ for a walk to the river.

  4. Don’t shout at me! I _____________________________ to the party, but I have come back in time!

  5. Bill _____________________________ to Italy. He has just sent me an email from there.

  1. Past Simple or Present Perfect

  1. A car came round the corner and I _____________________________ (jump) out of the way.

  2. Don’t throw the paper away because I _____________________________ (not, read) it yet.

  3. Is Jim going to eat lunch with us today? — No. He _____________________________ (eat, already). He _____________________________ (eat) lunch an hour ago.

  4. Since we _____________________________ (start) doing this exercise, we _____________________________ (complete) some sentences.

  5. I _____________________________ (be, never) to Italy.

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