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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / 10 класс. Тест 1 по модулю 1
ВНИМАНИЮ ВСЕХ УЧИТЕЛЕЙ: согласно Федеральному закону № 313-ФЗ все педагоги должны пройти обучение навыкам оказания первой помощи.

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  • Иностранные языки

10 класс. Тест 1 по модулю 1


Test 1

I. Choose the correct answer

1/ Jessica is looking ……….to the trip at the weekend.


2/ Look ……………. the unknown words in the dictionary.


3/ I am not very good ………. English.


4/ My father is keen ……… reading.


5/ Everybody looks ………. him because he didn’t help clean up after the birthday party.


II..Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use the word in bold. Use two to five words.

7/ She hasn’t been to this house before. (time) It’s the ………………………………………………….

8/ I last had Chinese two weeks before. (had) I ………………………………………. two weeks.

9/ We haven’t been out for coffee for a long time. (went) It’s ……………………………..out for coffee.

10/ I’ve never seen such a good film. (best) It’s the ………………………………………….. seen.

III...Choose and write the correct response.

11/ What’s up? (Not too bad. And you? / Nothing much.)

12/ You’re looking well. (Thanks, so are you. / Oh, perfect!)

13/ Somebody has stolen your sandwich again. (Oh, perfect! / Yeah, fine!)

14/ Do you enjoy painting? (Really! / I’m crazy about it.)

15/ Ted is late again. (I’m sick and tired of it! / That’s crazy!)

IV..Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold.

16/ My family is always very …………………….of my decisions. SUPPORT

17/ She’s a very ………………. person; no wonder she’s a babysitter. CARE

18/ He’s a well …………………man in the community. RESPECT

19/ The book is really ……………………INTEREST

20/ My car is very …………….. . I don’t spend much money on petrol.

V.. Translate into English.

Мне нравится твой новый спортивный вид. Ты много занимаешься спортом? Я с ума схожу от волейбола. Я не очень люблю командные игры. Я в восторге от верховой игры. Она держит меня в хорошей форме и позволяет взглянуть на великолепную природу.

В прошлую среду в нашем местном магазине была распродажа, и мы решили дешево сделать покупки. Мы надеялись там найти какие-нибудь дизайнерские марки.

В выходные семья Ивановых решила сходить в кино, а после сеанса посмотреть, что гнового появилось в магазине одежды.

Некоторые из моих друзей считают, что я надежный человек, что мне можно доверять и я могу помочь и поддержать в трудную минуту. Я не люблю агрессивных людей.

VI. Listening. Listen to the interview and choose the correct answer.

22/ Fred describes the outgoing year as the one which

a) brought him new financial problems.

b) seriously changed his whole life.

c) marked the end of his construction business.

23/ Fred worked with the children who

a) lacked some physical ability.

b) attended a weekend school.

c) had to stay in a hospital.

24/ When dealing with the children Fred was instructed to

a) be aware of their depression.

b) try to avoid getting them excited.

c) behave in the usual way.

25/ The new experience helped Fred to become more

a) persistent.

b) determined in doing what he wanted.

c) patient.

26/ Fred says that before becoming a father he was particularly good at

a) loosing the time.

b) spending the leisure hours.

c) entertaining his friends.

27/ The parenthood made Fred

a) pay more attention to sports activities.

b) spend less time at work.

c) more responsible.

28/ Fred mentions as his special father’s talent the ability

a) to understand his wife.

b) for a sound sleep.

c) to calm down a crying child.

VII..Reading. Match the texts (A-G) to a description (1-8). There is one description that you do not need to use.

  • Lucky escape Ordering in

  • Long journey Fast food is unhealthy

  • Good way to meet A new way to buy

  • Growing in popularity Too much choice

  1. When you are tired and don’t want to cook, just pick up the phone. Restaurants are expensive and take some time and effort to reach if you don’t live in the centre of town. Ordering food for home delivery is cheap and these days there is a huge choice. Indian and Chinese are the most popular but I prefer to get in a pizza.

  2. A school group on a skiing holiday to Italy narrowly avoided disaster when their coach left the road and fell eighty meters into a valley. These slowed down the falling coach and because of the fresh new snow the vehicle landed quite softly. Amazingly no one was injured.

  3. A teenager from London is making news around the world. On his recent holiday in Australia he sat off without his mobile phone. Experts are amazed that he is still alive, after walking for fourteen days, surviving extreme temperatures and living off the land. However, a lot of Australians are unhappy with him. The rescue cost is estimated at more than 100.000 dollars.

  4. You can buy almost anything, new or second hand, on the internet. On one site you can offer the price you want to pay for something. Whoever offers the highest price can buy that item. Recently I made the highest offer for a nearly new pair of skis. However, I only paid half of what they would have cost new in a shop.

  5. Making new friends on the internet makes so much sense. You can see someone’s photo and read if they share your interests and opinions. The important thing is you can spend time getting to know people who are attractive to you and looking for the same things in life that you are. Still, for personal safety, most sites recommend that in person you meet initially in a public place like a café or a gallery.

  6. I like eating out but some restaurants have huge menus. And usually every item sounds mouth watering. The trouble is I like to read about everything on offer and sometimes waiters wait for me rather than on me! The other issue is how they can offer so much whilst maintaining quality? I’d rather take one of five options knowing that each one was brilliant.

  7. Facebook” is a social networking website has 250 million members and despite lots of criticism by employers, governments and media, continues to attract thousands of new users daily. In spite of claims of concerns about privacy, safety and wasting time at work , “Facebook” is one of the most rapidly establishing phenomena of recent years.

VIII..Writing. Read the extract from your English pen-friend’s email.

Write an email to your pen-friend. In your email:
  • Tell him/her about your family,

  • Ask three questions about his/her plans for the holidays (100-140) words.

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