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Тест по модулю 3 Spotlight 7

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  1. Jennifer is tall and slim/straight.

  2. John has got spiky/skinny blond hair.

  3. Laura has a pretty face and brown wavy eyes/hair.

  4. My grandma is a middle-aged/teenager woman of medium height/in her twenties.

  5. My hair is bald/shoulder-length.

  6. My sister has a long/round face.

  7. She looks a bit plump/young, she should lose some weight.

  8. The children are too slim/young to watch this film.

  9. That is the girl who/which lives next door.

  10. It was Sunday why/when we decided to go to the country.

  11. He explained why/where he did it.

  12. This is the park where/which people come to skate.

  13. This is the dress who/that I want to buy.

  14. The boy who/whose hair is red is my brother.

  15. My mother is always tiring/tired after work.

  16. The trip was too long and very tiring/tired.

  17. The film was so boring/bored. I was about to fall asleep.

  18. We were so boring/bored to watch this film till the end.

  19. The book was really interesting/interested.

  20. The teacher was interesting/interested in my project.

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