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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по 1 модулю УМК Spotlight, 8 класс, 2 вариант

Тест по 1 модулю УМК Spotlight, 8 класс, 2 вариант

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


Fill in: confident, impatient, reliable, selfish, furious, shy, stubborn, sociable, generous, sincere, bossy, acquaintance.

  1. He exchanged a few words with the proprietor, an old _______of his.

  2. He doesn't care about other classmates' feelings. He's so _______.

  3. Children have more _______easy-going personalities than adults.

  4. Don't be _______with me! I can decide myself!

  5. He blushes every time I talk to him. He's so _______.

  6. He is _______to get his new project started.

  7. She is _______that everybody is on her side...

  8. My mom is honest and _______and I can trust her.

  9. Nancy is quite _______because of his friend because he promised to help her but he didn't!

  10. There was such a _______expression of friendliness on his face that it was a joy to see.

  11. She always wants to do everything her own way! She's so _______.

  12. The car is a really _______gift by any standards.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms (Present Simple / Present Continuous/ Present Perfect / Present Perfect Continuous / Past Simple / Past Continuous / will / going to):

  1. When I (come) _______at home yesterday, my mom (сook) _______a pie.

  2. I (live) _______in Brazil two years ago.

  3. -The phone's ringing. - I (get) _______it.

  4. Kendra (smell) _______the soup because it tastes strange.

  5. Be careful! You (trip) _______over that toy!

  6. _______you (play) _______any musical instruments when you (be) _______a kid?

  7. My chief usually (work) _______on Saturdays.

  8. She (speak) for an hour on the phone.

  9. He (wait) _______for you at this moment.

  10. What _______ your brother (do) _______? – He (be) _______a sportsman.

  11. Ann is in the library. She (make) _______a report.

  12. Recently, she (plant) _______some bulbs and flowers.

  13. I (cook) _______a cake when he (come back) _______home yesterday.

  14. Is Mary crying? – No, she isn't, she (peel) _______onions.

  15. Now Justin (write) _______a book about his adventures in Tibet. I hope he can find a good publisher when it is finished.

  16. We (have) _______dinner tomorrow night. Would you like to come?

Complete the gaps with the correct forms of the adjectives:

  1. Dan likes sun and hot weather. So summer is_______ (good)season for him.

  2. Mary is _______ (young) of all the students in the classroom.

  3. Whales are _______ (big) animals in the sea.

  4. I don’t like lizards. They’re _______ (ugly) animals on planet!

  5. St.Petersburg isn't _______ (expensive) Moscow.

Use the idioms to complete the sentences:

  1. If you disagree, don't be afraid to_______.

  2. She's always causing so much trouble. She's a real _______!

  3. He told us a funny story to _______.

Form adjectives from the following words:

  1. attract

  2. romance

  3. generosity

  4. horror

  5. rely

Fill in the prepositions:

  1. He isn't patient _____ stubborn people.

  2. She's excellent _____ maths.

  3. She is very close _____ her mom.

  4. You shouldn't be jealous _____ your sister.

Fill in: along, across, down, over, over with

  1. When the weather gets me _______, I like to fantasize about being a wizard to make the sun shining.

  2. Do you feel like you can't get your ideas _______?

  3. I'd like to get my project _______.

  4. Peter couldn't get _______the fact that in spite of the accident he got no harm.

  5. My brother gets _______well with everybody.

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