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Тест по Peppa Pig: Beach

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 Part 1

1.    Answer the following questions:

a)  What do you like to do at the beach?

b)  Who is it best to go to the beach with?

c)  When was the last time you went to the beach?

d)  What dangers might you find on the beach?

2.    Read the words and answer the question.

3.    Explain why people do these thing on the beach?

1)  They have sun cream on.

2)  They put water wings on.   3) They wear a straw hat.

4.    What is the best way to have fun on the beach? Choose three activities from the list:

to swim in the sea     to play the ball    to splash     to play with buckets and spades   to make a sand castle to play hide-and-sick   to bury someone in the sand       to surf    to have a paddle in the sea

___________        ______________       _______________

5.    Name the thing indicated in the picture.


1)    ________________

2)    ________________

3)    ________________

4)    ________________

5)    ________________

6)    ________________

7)    ________________

8)    ________________

9)    _________________

10)  ________________

Part 2

1.  Choose the right answer.

    1. Peppa and her family have a sunshade, a beach bag, towels, buckets and spades, and a ______ ball.

a)  green

b)  silver

c)  spotty

d)  dirty

2.  George should put his ______ on if he wants to have a paddle in the sea.       a) flippers

b)  water wings

c)  sunglasses

d)  rubber ring

3.  Peppa and George would like to play with their ________ .        a) sand castle

b)  toys

c)  mother and father

d)  buckets and spades

4.  Peppa and George would like to _______ .

a)  bury their mother in the sand

b)  play hide-and-seek

c)  play tag

d)  bury their father in the sand

5.  Peppa put a _______ on her father’s head.

a)  hat

b)  straw hat

c)  snake

d)  towel

6.  Peppa and George decide to make a _______ .

a)  big house

b)  sand dragon

c)  sand castle

d)  palace

7.  Peppa, her brother and mother have forgotten _______ .      a) stew hat

b)  straw hat and Daddy Pig

c)  spotty ball

d)  sunshade

Part 3

1.    Read the statements and choose: true or false:


a)  Peppa and her brother are going to the beach. ___

b)  Before Peppa and George start playing the ball, the have to have sun cream on. ___

c)  George swims without his water wings. ___

d)  Peppa and Mummy want to bury Daddy Pig in the sand. ___

e)  George and Peppa are burying Daddy Pig in the sand. ___

f)   Peppa and George are making  a sand castle. ___

g)  They have not forgotten anything. ___

2.    Who said these words?

Peppa - P

George - G

Daddy Pig - DP

Mummy Pig - MP

Narrator - N

1)___ «Sunshade, beach bag, towels, buckets and spades, and a spotty ball.»

2)___ «Never mind, George. Would you and Peppa like to have a paddle in the sea?»

3)___ «Peppa, George, would you like to play with your buckets and spades?»

4)___ «Peppa and George are burying Daddy Pig in the sand.»

5)___ «Please can I have my straw hat?»

6)___ «We turn the buckets upside down and tap them.» 3. Read the examples and explain the difference between them:

They are buying a new car.

They have already bought a new car.

4.  Complete the table:

What are they doing now.

What have they done yet.

Peppa and her family are going to the beach.

Peppa and her family have gone to the beach.

Peppa and her brother are making a sand castle.



George has buried his father in the sand.

Peppa and her brother are trying out the spotty ball.



Peppa has swum in the sea.

They are turning buckets upside down and tapping them.


5.  Complete the table using information about your classmates.

1-usually; 2-often; 3-sometimes; 4-seldom; 5-never.








How often do you go to the beach?







Do you built a sand castle?







Do you have sun cram on?







Do you put water wings on  when you are going to swim in the sea?







Do you play with buckets and spades?







Do you bury someone in the sand?







Have you ever forgotten something on the beach?







Prepare the report based on this dates.

Example. Three students have never played with buckets and spades.

____ students usually ______

____ students often ______

____ students sometimes ______

____ students seldom ______

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