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Тест по страноведению "Великобритания" 8-9 класс

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Are you an expert on Great Britain?

1. What is the capital of Great Britain?

a) Edinburgh b) Boston c) London

2. How many parts does Great Britain contain?

a) 4 b) 3 c) 5

3. Great Britain and Northern Ireland are separated by:

a) Irish Sea b) Black Sea c) North Sea

4. What is the emblem of England?

a) a rose b) a thistle c) a daffodil

5. Who is the Head of State in Britain?

a) the Mayor b) the Queen c) the Prime Minister

6. What is the river in London?

a) Thames b) London c) Avon

7. What is the most expensive part of London?

a) West End b) East End c) the City

8. What color are the taxis in London?

a) blue b) red c) black


9. The building in the picture is …

a) St.Paul`s Cathedral

b) The British Museum

c) The National Gallery

10. If you go to London, you will see …..

a) the White House

b) St.Paul`s Cathedral

c) Greenwich

11. When does The Queen open the Parliament?

a) in December b) in November c) in January

12.What is the Home of the Queen?

a) Buckingham Palace b) the White House c) Westminster Abbey

13. Who was one of the most important monarchs in British history?

a) Queen Victoria b) William the Conqueror c) William Shakespeare

14. They say the Loch Ness Monster lives in a lake in ……….

a) Scotland b) Wales c) Ireland

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