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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по темам "Времена английского глагола, фразовые глаголы, артикль, прилагательное"

Тест по темам "Времена английского глагола, фразовые глаголы, артикль, прилагательное"

  • Иностранные языки

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Тест по иностранному языку (2 курс)

2015- 2016 учебный год

Уважаемые участники олимпиады, Вам предлагаются две части заданий различной сложности.

Разбаловка заданий.

Part I

Задание № 1-30 – 4 балла

Задание № 31-40 – 5 балла

Раздел Part II – 14 баллов

Задание № 41-43

Part I

Задания на 4 балла

Choose the right variant of the verb

  1. If the weather (to keep) fine we (to stay) here until the end of month.

a) will keep, will stay b) keeps, will stay c) is keeping, will stay

2. I (to turn) round and (to see) a girl at the far end of the street. She (to call) for help.

a) is turning, see, is calling b) have turned, saw, was calling c) turned, saw, was calling

3. They (to have) their English class in the morning yesterday, but normally they (to have) English classes in the afternoon.

a) had, have b) have, are having c) have, have

4. Peter already (to read) this story twice.

a) have read b) is reading c) has read

5. Everybody realized that I (to be) a foreigner.

a) was b) am c) were

6. Her plane (to leave) at 6.40 tomorrow.

a) will leave b) is leaving c) leaves

7. When Mrs. Allen (to peel) potatoes she (to cut) her finger.

a) is peeling, cut b) was peeling, cut c) peeled, cut

8. You ever (to meet) the man who (to live) next door?

a) met, is living b) met, was living c) have met, lives

9. If the phone (to ring) I’ll answer it.

a) rings b) will ring c) has rung

10. She (to use) to play the piano beautifully, but she (not to play) so well now. She (to tell) me she (to study) at a music school when a child.

a) uses, doesn’t play, tells, studies b) used, doesn’t play, told, studied c) used, doesn’t play, tells, studied

11. Don’t disturb him. He (to work).

a) was working b) works c) is working

12. I first (to have) a bath and then (to go) to bed.

a) have, go b) had, went c) had had, went

13. Kate often (to ring up) her mother in London when she (to study) at the Manchester University.

a) rang, was studying b) rings, studies c) rang, studied

14. It’s half past 10 now. John is outside and (to check) his car. He says he (to be) ready in an hour or so.

a) is checking, is b) is checking, was c) is checking, will be

15. What time he usually (to have) dinner?

a) does have b) has c) did have

16. Would you like ____ more juice?

a) any b) some c) not

17. Try to return your library books ____ time?

a) on b) by c) at

18. Don’t be late ____ dinner?

a) at b) for c) on

19. I don’t have ____ to do this afternoon.

a) something b) anything c) nothing

20. Some of ____must work to earn money.

a) them b) they c) their

21. I got ___ home at six. ___ my surprise nobody was there.

a) to, by b) at, at c) -, to

22. I got ___ the car this morning I found that the radio had been stolen.

a) for b) into c) to

23. How dare you? Take your hands ___ of me at once.

a) of b) off c) out of

24. Are you good ___ tennis?

a) in b) on c) at

25. There aren’t ___ chairs in the room.

a) much b) many c) a tot

26. I’m writing to a a friend of ___ .

a) my b) mine c) me

27. According ___ the Bible, Jesus Christ was born ___ a stable.

a) for, at b) to, in c) by, on

28. There’s no sign ___ snow coming this Christmas.

a) at b) in c) of

29. She never does very ___ . Sometimes she watches TV or looks through ___ magazines.

a) much, some b) many, few c) a lot, any

30. They are still waiting ___ the bus.

a) for b) to c) –

Задания на 5 баллов

Fill in the right article A/AN or THE

31. When I was 20, I went to (a, an, the) United states. Travelling by (a, an, the) plane was too expensive, so I decided to travel by (a, an, the) coach.

32. I’ve bought (a, an, the) new car. And where’s (a, an, the) car you bought last year?

33. It was such (a, an, the) wonderful performance that we applauded for 15 minutes.

34. (A, An, The) capital of (a, an, the) USA is not (a, an, the) biggest city of (a, an, the) country.

35. What do you think of (a, an, the) Harrisons? – I don’t like (a, an, the) husband much but (a, an, the) wife is (a, an, the) very nice woman.

36. Where’s (a, an, the) cheese I bought yesterday?

37. Betty was (a, an, the) doctor at (a, an, the) hospital. Sally was (a, an, the) saleswoman in (a, an, the) shop where they were having tea.

38. This plant is (a, an, the) biggest in the corporation.

39. (A, An, The) burglars did little damage to (a, an, the) house apart from breaking (a, an, the) windows.

40. I just want (a, an, the) cup of (a, an, the) tea. Is that possible?

Part II

Задание на 14 баллов

Chose the appropriate word.

41. I am (interested, interesting) in sport, (especially, specially) athletics, and I (run, race) seven or eight kilometers (every, some) day. I particularly (entertain, enjoy) cross-country running where you have to run, along fields, jump (over, above) streams and so on. (While, during) I’m running I think about (all, every) sorts of things and at the (end, finish) of a run I’m often (surprising, surprised) to (find, learn) that I’ve managed to (solve, save) a problem (that, what) was on my (mind, brain).

42. I went to (study, teach) medicine in London as a pupil to a famous (surgeon, sergeant) and (while, during) I was in London I started to study navigation (because, that’s why) I had always wanted to travel. (Soon, sooner) I was (offered, suggested) a (job, work) as a (shop’s, sheep’s) doctor and I (accepted, rejected) it. At (first, the first) the (journey, hiking) was (pleasant, pleasantly), (but, and) in the Pacific we ran into a storm, the ship (sank, drowned) and (every, everybody) on board (except, besides) me was drowned. I managed to swim to an (isle, island), but I was (so, such) tired when I reached (land, soil) that I fell (fast, fastly) asleep on the sand.

43. I must (write, to write) at once to thank you for your (lonely, lively) present. I like it (so, such) much! I can’t (tell, say) you what I (fell, felt) when I opened the parcel and (found, found out) a (pair, couple) of beautiful socks. I am (particularly, particular) touched because I can (see, look) at a (glance, sight) that they’re (home, house)-knitted. You can’t (buy, be bought) socks (as, like) that in the shops!


Ответы к тесту

1. b

2. c

3. a

4. c

5. a

6. c

7. b

8. c

9. a

10. c

11. c

12. b

13. c

14. c

15. a

16. b

17. a

18. b

19. b

20. a

21. c

22. b

23. c

24. c

25. b

26. b

27. b

28. c

29. a

30. a

31. the, -, -

32. a, the

33. a

34. the, the, the, the

35. the, the, the, a

36. the

37. a, a, a, the

38. the

39. the, the, the

40. a, -

41. interested, especially, run, every, enjoy, over, while, all, end, surprised, find, solve, that, mind

42. study, surgeon, while, because, soon, offered, job, ship’s, accepted, first, journey, pleasant, but, sank, everybody, except, island, so, land, fast

43. write, lovely, so, tell, felt, found, pair, particularly, see, glance, home, buy, like

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