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Тест по теме: «Инфинитив и герундий (V-ing форма)» 9 класс

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Тест по теме: «Инфинитив и герундий (V-ing форма)» 9 класс

Use the infinitive with or without “to” or the V-ing form.


  1. I expect (enter) a university.

  2. May I (use) your phone?

  3. Some people don’t mind (walk) in rainy weather.

  4. We look forward to (meet) again.

  5. I stopped (listen) to the clock striking time.

  6. We can (discuss) this topic later.

  7. I don’t feel like (do) the housework today.

  8. Bad weather prevented us from (go) to the country.

  9. I advise you (take) part in the conference.

  10. Remember (buy) a birthday card.

  11. Let’s hope (get) there in time.

  12. He has (work) hard to make money.

  13. Ann should (pronounce) words more carefully.

  14. He enjoys (read) historical books.

  15. I remember (buy) my first CD book.

  16. I admit (miss) lessons sometimes.

  17. I hate bad news, so I stopped (listen) to them.


  1. I admit (cheat) at the exam.

  2. The girl hated (read) books.

  3. Could you (give) me a piece of advice?

  4. I can’t help (admire) architecture of St. Petersburg.

  5. You should (consult) a good specialist.

  6. Put up with your friend and stop (argue).

  7. I learnt (swim) when I was seven.

  8. We have (write) tests every week.

  9. Sorry, I don’t remember (meet) you.

  10. I remember (walk) along London streets.

  11. Do you mind (discuss) our summer plans?

  12. Mum asked me (help) her about the house.

  13. I look forward to (see) the next season of this film.

  14. Visa problems prevented them from (go) abroad.

  15. Alice suggested (make) a project.

  16. They stopped at the café (have) a snack.

  17. Remember (phone) me when you arrive in Moscow.

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