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Тест по теме " My college" для студентов 1 курса

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(My College, Vocabulary and Grammar)

1 Write sentences with there is/are, a/some and the words below.

  1. TV/in the library


  1. cakes/on the table


  1. dog/in the garden


  1. cars/on the road


  1. dictionary/in the classroom


2 Complete the sentences with some, any or a.

  1. There aren’t _______ books in my bag.

  2. There isn’t _______ clock in the room.

  3. Are there _______ notices on the board?

  4. Is there _______ laboratory in the college?

  5. Are there _______ posters on your wall?


3 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

primary geography uniform mixed subject

  1. My college _______ is blue and grey.

  2. My sister is thirteen and she goes to a _______ school. She likes it.

  3. What’s your favourite _______ at college? I like history.

  4. Children in the UK go to _______ school when they are four or five years old.

  5. I don’t like _______. It’s boring!

1 Rewrite the sentences in the negative.

  1. She has to be at college at 8.30 in the morning.


  1. They have to walk to college.


  1. In the UK students have to study two languages.


  1. I have to do a lot of homework on Tuesdays.


  1. We have to get home before 11.00 p.m.


2 Write questions with have to and the words below.

  1. you/eat/in the cafeteria?


  1. you/clean your room/at the weekend?


  1. your dad/drive you to college?


  1. your friends/do a lot of homework?


  1. we/take tests every term?


3 Complete the text with the words in the box.

through turn on along past

Go (1)_______ the road for five minutes. (2)_______ left at the traffic lights. Go (3)_______ the church and the park. Our house is (4)_______ your right. Go (5)_______ the gates and up the driv


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