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Тест по теме "Открой себя"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

I. Match the words with their translation.

1.ambitious a) завистливый

2.fun-loving b) способный к учению

3.jealous c)амбициозный

4. creative d)очаровательный

5.charming e)весёлый

6.intelligent f)творческий.

II. Choose the right verb.

  1. That couldn`t /can`t be Tom. He is in Japan.

  2. It was 3 o`clock an hour ago. Your watch mustn`t/can`t be right.

  3. Let`s tell Mum. She may not/might not know.

  4. How old is your new teacher?

-She looks very young. She could/can`t be over thirty.

5. Tomorrow I can`t/ might miss my classes. I will probably go to the dentist.

III. Fill in the gaps with the right word or phrase.

Keep it secret, had fun, stay away from , show-off, be on my own.

  1. Rick so interested in the competition that he could not…..it.

  2. On holidays in Scotland we walked in the mountains, went sailing, watched the wildlife and enjoyed the Highland Games. We really ….

  3. Ah, it`s Sandy again! Here and there and everywhere! She`s a real….

  4. Sometimes I`m so tired of parties and people around that I prefer to….

  5. We`re going to make a surprise for our granny on Mother`s Day but, please, can you …?

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