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Тест по теме "Passive Voice"

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Passive Voice


1. I can’t give you my camera. Father is repairing it.

2. They will translate this article tomorrow.

3. He was writing a composition at 7 o’clock yesterday.

4. At the moment they are building a road around the city.

5. Don’t enter the classroom. The teacher is examining a pupil.

6. They can spoil the book.

7. Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to my parents.


1. When I phoned, they still (were asked / were being asked) by the teacher.

2. Mother said we couldn’t have dinner. It (was cooked / was being cooked).

3. The latest edition of this book (was printed / was being printed) last month.

4. They said this book (was published / would be published) in a week.


  1. Moscow (to found) in 1147.

  2. Football (to play) in summer.

  3. Her new article (to finish) next year.

  4. That bone (to give) to her dog tomorrow.

  5. The child (to feed) at the moment.

  6. He (to elect) as Secretary of the Club last week.

  7. John (to ask) to bring his gramophone to the party.

  8. The gates (to close) very early, haven’t they?

  9. The car (to polish), isn’t it now?

  10. Now you (to annoy) by those children, are you?

  11. Tom’s pets (to feed) when I arrived at his house.

  12. The new proposals (to discuss) our next meeting.

  13. All lights must (to switch off).

  14. This work ought to (to do) at once!


  1. What must be done with a bad tooth? (to pull)

  2. What has to be done with dirty dishes? (to wash)

  3. What should happen if mistakes appear in a student’s work? (to correct)

  4. What happens to traffic in a traffic jam? (to hold)

  5. What must be done if a plan proves unworkable? (to give up)


1. За доктором уже послали.

2. С ним будут разговаривать.

3. Детей ищут повсюду. (now)

4. Об этом фильме много говорят.

5. Над ним всегда смеялись.

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