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Тест по теме "Предлоги" учебник Murphy Englisg Grammar in Use

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Название документа тест_предлоги_мерфи (тема 121).docx

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

AT \ON \ IN \ ----

  1. They arrived … 5 o’clock.

  2. She was born … 16 April 1965.

  3. Will you be here …. the weekend?

  4. I did it …. the past.

  5. Do you work …. the evening?

  6. I’ll see you …. next Friday.

  7. I don’t like eating …. night.

  8. Do you work …. Christmas?

  9. They’ll see you … a few minutes.

  10. He learns English language …. ten years.

  11. Tom meets him …… every Friday.

  12. Marry has a party ….. Friday evening.

  13. Children have a lot of presents ….. Christmas Day.

  14. I wake up ….. 7 o’clock.

  15. Tom and Sam arrived …. the same time.

  16. The got married …last May.

  17. You can see the stars ….. midnight.

  18. Jazz became popular in the USA … the 1920s.

Название документа тест_предлоги_мерфи (тема 125).docx

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

in \ at \ on

Marry arrived ___ a taxi.

Does this train stop ___ Canada?

Don’t meet me ____ the station. I can get a car.

Were there many people ____the wedding?

Kate’s mother is ____ hospital.

It was a long journey. We were ___ sea for 40 days.

I love swimming ___ the sea.

I was ____ Tom’s house.

Jane passed me ___ her bike.

I’ll be ___ work until 6.30.

The meeting took place ____ the café.

All the rooms ___ the hotel have air conditioning.

We stopped _____a small village on the way to London.

It’s always hot ____ Bob’s house.

Julia is studying ____university.

We had dinner ____ the hotel.

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