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Тест Present Simple, Future Simple and Past Simple

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Present Simple, Future Simple and Past Simple

1. Shakespeare … plays.

a) wrote

b) write

c) has write

2. They … skiing in the Alps last winter

a) go

b) went

c) gone

3. She _______ to school three times a week.

a) went

b) go

c) goes

4. The tickets … rather cheap last week.

a) were

b) was

c) are

5. They _______ at that table everyday.

a) sit

b) sat

c) are sitting

6. Alexander Fleming … penicillin.

a) discover

b) has discover

c) discovered

7. Harry … his birthday yesterday.



was celebrate

8. My favourite football team … last night

a) won

b) win

c) will win

9. You always ______ me good advice.

a) gave

b) given

c) give

10. My father ________ at that restaurant

a) work

b) worked

c) will work

11. I  … to London a few times next year.

a) go

b) will go

c) went

12. They … four lessons every day.

a) had

b) will have

c) have

13. They… a new house next year.

a) build

b) built

c) will build

14. I … a sandwich for my breakfast every day.

a) eat

b) will eat

c) ate

15. ... late yesterday?

a) Did you

b) Do you

c) will you

16. – Where … you yesterday?
– I … at home.

a) were, was

b) was, were

c) are, was

17. It is about time you … home.

a) come

b) came

c) comed

18. He ... extreme sports

a) likes

b) liked

c) will like

19. We ... at the party.

a) meet

b) met

c) meeted

20. We … to swim in the river next Sunday.

a) go

b) will go

c) went

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