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Тест работа для -7/6 класс

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

3. My father has lived in Japan ____ five years.

A. at

B. on

C. in

D. for

4. I’ll be on vacation ____ next week.

A. on

B. –

C. at

D. in

5. Can you tell ____ not to be so rude?

A. he

B. him

C. himself

D. his

6. ____ wasn’t easy to find your house.

A. There

B. This

C. That

D. It

7. The news he told us ____ interesting.

A. was

B. were

C. be

D. are

8. What is the ____ important invention in the twentieth century?

A. much

B. more

C. most

D. much more

9. This bank of the river isn’t ____ that one.

A. more beautiful

B. beautiful

C. so beautiful

D. as beautiful as

10. You look much ____ today.

A. good

B. better

C. the best

D. best

11. No letters again! ____ has written to me for a month.

A. Anybody

B. Somebody

C. Some

D. Nobody

12. Aunts, uncles and cousins are ____.

A. relatives

B. parents

C. families

D. neighbours

13. I’ll call you as soon as he ____.

A. will come

B. came

C. has come

D. comes

14. If he ____ without her, she will never speak to him again.

A. go

B. is going

C. will go

D. goes

15. What are you laughing ____?

A. about

B. at

C. over

D. above

16. It ____ since early morning.

A. rained

B. rains

C. had rained

D. has been raining

17. I’m afraid he ____ five minutes ago.

A. leaves

B. left

C. is leaving

D. has left

18. ____ you do me a favour?

A. May

B. Should

C. Can

D. Need

19. My sister was translating the article when I ____ the room.

A. had come into

B. came into

C. am coming into

D. come

20. I’d like to ask you ____ questions.

A. few

B. a little

C. a few

D. little

21. Children ____ by special instructors how to swim.

A. have taught

B. had taught

C. are taught

D. teach

22. Bill wanted to know when Nick ____ come to us.

A. can

B. will

C. will be able

D. could

23. My friend wanted ____ him as soon as I came home.

A. that I call

B. that I called

C. me to call

D. I called

24. Mother didn’t let the child ____ TV.

A. to watch

B. watching

C. watched

D. watch

25. It was so late that I ____ take a taxi.

A. was able

B. can

C. must

D. had to

26. She liked the film, ____ she?

A. did

B. didn’t

C. doesn’t

D. does

27. ____ Steve ____ Ann the other day?

A. Has ____ seen

B. Does ____ see

C. Did ____ see

D. Will ____ see

28. I got two letters. One was from my father. ____ was from my girlfriend.

A. The other

B. Another

C. Others

D. The others

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