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Тест "Систематизация лексических навыков по теме "Cinema"


Vocabulary Test “Cinema”

1. For questions 1-15 read the film review below and then decide which word is best fits in each space.

Having seen the trailer on TV for this latest San Spadacci film, I knew I was in for something a little different! The main (1)….. of the film (2)….. with the fall and eventual rise of Frankie Longo, (3) ….. by the new Hollywood star Lary Zardini. The (4)…., which has some brilliant one-liners, was written by Spadacci’s old associate, Natt Dusi.

Everything starts off fairly predictably – a young Italo-American kid, mixed up with the local Mafia – it seems to be the usual (5)….. of Spadacci’s own roots. But then, after going in and out of jail for a couple of years, Frankie “gets quisine” and suddenly discovers he’s a marvelous cook! Some (6)…. Are a little slow-moving as we (7)….. on Frank’s culinary prowess - did we really need to spend five minutes of the film watching Frank’s perfect souffle rising in the oven?

Soon Frankie is cooking for the rich and famous, including the Mafia big cheese Joe d’Ancona – a wonderfully oven the top (8)….. by veteran Bruno Marmo – and eventually the President! Inevitably, in (9)…. of his efforts to go straight, Frankie is caught up in a secret (10)….. to assassinate the President. Without giving too much away, Frankie apparently goes along with the Mafia while really sabotaging thins. There are some crazy (11) …. , including gangsters exploding out of a giant Birthday cake! The (12)…. maintains the almost slapstick feel with a manic tempo at times.

(13)….. some of the dialogue is a little laboured at times this is, all in (14)…., a thoroughly entertaining bit of fun, which I (15)….. whole-hearty.

  1. A storyline B narrative C contents D commentary

  2. A concerns B shows C describes D deals

  3. A designed B set C played D cast

  4. A chapter B script C speech D story

  5. A study B survey C test D revision

  6. A sections B chapters C acts D scenes

  7. A analyze B focus C devote D examine

  8. A character B part C performance D personality

  9. A spite B account C despite D view

  10. A plot B design C agreement D intention

  11. A stages B stunts C actions D productions

  12. A beat B singing C record D soundtrack

  13. A While B Except C Although D Whereas

  14. A balance B all C conclusion D end

  15. A offer B suggest C recommend D represent

2. For questions 1-9, read the text below. Use the words in the boxes to forn one word that fits in the same numbered space in the text.

Gender on Screen

Many (1) …. Have suggested that the media portray men and women in different and often (2) …. ways, arguing that this can lead to the (3) …. of gender stereotyping. (4) ….films are something considered to be a “male” genre with a limited range of characters for audience (5)….. . Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis and Van Damme are (6) …. names, whose character types are fairly (7)……The subject (here) of such movies will usually be male, white, young, aggressive, vengeful, strong, invulnerable and (8)…., using weapons and moving the narrative along. It is (9)…. the body of the masculine hero that provides the focus of spectators’ gaze and visual pleasure.

3. Replace each word underlined with a stronger adjective or adverb from the list below.

The Oscar Ceremony

I am quite pleased to receive this award. I am very grateful to all those nice people who voted for me. “Kissed and Dreams” was an interesting movie to work on from start to finish. And I thank all those clever and talented people involved in the marking of this very good film. Nobody could have really known that it would be such a big success, especially those who told us at the start that the plot was boring and silly. Theu have now been proved very wrong. My particular thanks go to Maricus Aherne my good director; Julietta Brioche my beautiful co-star; Roger Sims for writing such a funny and exciting story. I really adore you all.

The list of words:

brilliant, huge, ridiculous, absolutely fantastic, marvelous, fantastic, gorgeous, thrilling, absolutely, hilarious, wonderful, absolutely delighted.

Keys. 1.

  1. A

  2. D

  3. C

  4. B

  5. A

  6. D

  7. B

  8. C

  9. A

  10. A

  11. B

  12. D

  13. C

  14. B

  15. C


  1. researches

  2. limited/limiting

  3. production

  4. Action

  5. enjoyment

  6. household

  7. predictable

  8. unemotional

  9. primarily


absolutely delighted, wonderful, fantastic, brilliant, absolutely fantastic, huge, ridiculous, marvelous, gorgeous, hilarious, thrilling, absolutely.

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