Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыТест Spotlight 11 Module 7 In days to come

Тест Spotlight 11 Module 7 In days to come

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Module #7: In days to come

A.   Fill in the missing words / phrase: insurmountable, perseverance, overcome,  graduating,  beating, longed, win, perspiration,  attend,   hand in.

1.     We told Tom to stop……….around the bush and tell us what had happened.

2.     You must……….your essay to me by Friday at the latest.

3.     Fighting to end hunger in the third world often seems like an……….battle.

4.     If I pass all my exams this year, I am hoping to……….a scholarship to study in the US

5.     Ann is thinking of travelling around the world after……….from university.

6.     Tim had always……….to do a postgraduating degree, but had never found the time.

7.     Sarah chose to do her Master’s degree part-time because she could only……….evening classes.

8.     Peter had to……….many obstacles before he was able to open up his own business.

9.     Goals are achieved with hard work and……….

10. ……….is the body’s way of regulating its temperature or responding to stress.

B.    Choose the correct item.

1.     Sharon has enrolled / attended on an art course, as she is very interested in French Impressionism.

2.     The course fees / prices have risen dramatically this year.

3.     History was William’s favourite lesson / subject so it came as no surprise when he got an A.

4.     Despite his weakness / defeat last year, David has high hopes of being elected Class President this year.

5.     Beth checked the college syllabus / prospectus to see which courses were on offer.

C.   Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1.     If George had more confidence, he……….(do) better at job interviews.

2.     If I don’t feel well tomorrow, I……….(go) to school.

3.     I don’t know what I……….(say) if I had been in your position.

4.     If Judy……….(win) a scholarship, she won’t need to work while attending university.

5.     If you……….(run) faster, you can win the race.

6.     If I……….(know) what to do, I wouldn’t be asking you for advice.

7.     If I had known she had a problem, I……….(try) to help her.

8.     If Mum……….(not cook) dinner, we will order a pizza.

9.     If Sarah wasn’t so imaginative, she………(win) last month’s writing contest.

10.  Suppose they……….(get) the grant, would they have continued the research?

D.   Fill in: into, out, from, on, off.

1.     Cathy graduated…..Harvard Law School last year.

2.     If you carry…..driving so fast, you will have an accident.

3.     Lisa finally succeeded…..making her dreams come true.

4.     Although she felt really nervous, she carried the speech…..very well.

5.     Jake got the loan from the bank and was able to carry…..his plan to open up a restaurant.

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