Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыТест Spotlight 9 Module 1 Celebrations

Тест Spotlight 9 Module 1 Celebrations

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Module #1 Celebrations

1.      Fill in the missing word: habit, throw, chance, character, make, change,  raise, tradition,  bright, contest,

1.      The organizers of the festival hope to…..enough money to build another playground.

2.      Why don’t you take part in the cooking …..?! I am sure you will be the winner!

3.      I met Luke by…..at the cinema the other day.

4.      Throwing Mum and Dad a surprise party for their anniversary this year is really a…..idea!

5.      Cinderella is my little sister’s favourite fairytale…..

6.      Biting your nails is a very bad…..

7.      If you see a spider, …..sure you don’t kill it; I have heard it is bad luck.

8.      In many countries around the world, people…..streamers and dance in the streets to celebrate New Year.

9.      If you stay at your friend’s home, you need a spare…..of clothes.

10.  Throwing rice at weddings has been a strong…..in many countries around the world for ages.

2.      Fill in with the correct prepositions.

1.      Don’t turn…..the TV, please. I want to watch the parade.

2.      The reason…..this meeting is to talk about the school’s music contest.

3.      The quiet little town turned…..a busy cultural centre during carnival time.

4.      Kate has not walked under a ladder…..she heard it was bad luck.

5.      Are you pleased…..the presents we have chosen for them?

3.      Fill in with relative words: who, whose, which, why, when, where.

1.      Lucy Scott, …..son is my age, works at the local gift shop.

2.      December25th, …..Christmas takes place, is also my birthday.

3.      Martha, …..lives next door, has invited me to the party.

4.      The costume …..George has chosen for the fancy dress party is very funny.

5.      I think the reason…..she hasn’t come is her headache.

4.      Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tense.

     I…..1. (know) that it is quite a while since I last wrote to you, but for the past few weeks I …..2. (do) so many things at the same time, that I hardly had for anything!

     3. …..(I \ tell) you that my school …..4. (hold) a big dance next week? We …..5. (celebrate) the end of the school year. As I am an organizer, I …..6. (spend) most of my time after school trying to work out the details of the event. …..7. (you \ have) any good ideas to give me?

     What about you? What…..8. (you \ do) lately? …..9. (you \ still \ work) at your father’s shop after school? You know what? I …..10. (just \ have) a great idea! Why don’t you come to visit me for a few days? You can come to our school dance, and then we can spend some time together.

     Anyway, I have to go now. Let me know what you decide!

5.       Match the first and the second columns.


1.      Be very easy

2.      Have two things when only one is possible

3.      A lot of people are buying

4.      Shocks somebody with his behavior

5.      The best thing









A.    The icing on the cake

B.     Be a piece of cake


C.     Take the cake

D.    Have your cake and eat it

E.     Sell like hot cakes

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