Инфоурок Другое ТестыTest Spotlight 11 module 4c в двух вариантах

Test Spotlight 11 module 4c в двух вариантах

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TEST MODULE      4 A         Passive VOICE

1.     Active or Passive? Choose the Correct Verb Form.

2.     The book (wrote/was written) by Hardy.

3.     Four people (have killed/have been killed) in a train crash.

4.     A famous architect (was built/built) the bridge.

5.     The house (bought/was bought) by a pop-star.

6.     The room (will clean/will be cleaned) later.

7.     People (aren’t used/don’t use) this road very often.

2.    Put the Verbs in Brackets into the Correct Passive Form.

1.     Melons (grow) in the south of France.

2.     He (shock) by the story at our last meeting.

3.     The text must (translate) tomorrow.

4.     The room (not clean) yet.

5.     The streets (decorate) at the moment.

6.     English (speak) all over the world.

7.     She showed me the picture that (paint) by her husband.

8.     Tomorrow by 3 o`clock everything (prepare).

9.     Rugby (play) since 1845.

10. The plants should (water) every week.

       3.   Change Active into Passive.

1. They will repair the clock next week.

2. They have translated this book into several languages.

3. Has he already cleaned his room?

4. Are they discussing the problem now?

5. You must return this book in time.

6.I've posted both postcards to my friends in China.
(Both postcards have been posted to my friends in China)
7.They have kept the suitcases in a clock room for 2 days.
(The suitcases have been kept in a clock room for 2 days, The suitcases have been kept in a clock room for two days)
8.He wrote the article a year ago.
(The book was written a year ago)9. They delayed our flight because of the weather conditions.
(Our flight was delayed due to weather conditions)
10. We haven't bought summer casual clothes for our holidays.
(The terms and conditions haven't been read attentively, The terms and conditions have not been read attentively)
11.Someone stole my bike last week.
(My bike was stolen last week)
12. I didn't pay the bills yesterday.
(The bills weren't paid yesterday, The bills were not paid yesterday)
13.Mary hasn't sent the parcel yet.
(The parcel hasn't been sent yet)
14. Duglas will give me two tickets for the Tommy fashion show.

15. Has the company published the book yet?

TEST MODULE      4 B         Passive VOICE

1.    Active or Passive? Choose the Correct Verb Form.

1.     When I came to the party, Nick (had already been gone/had already gone) home.

2.     “Can I help you, madam?” “No, thank you. I (am serving/am being served).

3.     A new supermarket (will be built/will built) here next month.

4.     My car (has disappeared/has been disappeared).

5.     Have you heard the news? The President (has shot/has been shot).

6.     This situation is serious. Something must (do/be done) before it`s too late.

2.    Put the Verbs in Brackets into the Correct Passive Form.

1.     The room (clean) yet? Can I use it?

2.     When you return from your journey, this novel already (publish).

3.     The results (announce) tomorrow.

4.     All the work (do) by 6 o`clock yesterday.

5.     Wait a little! Your problem (discuss) now.

6.     My house (paint) the whole day yesterday.

7.     Tomorrow by 5 o`clock everything (prepare).

8.     Where is my bike? It (repair) now.

9.     Apples should (eat) every day.

10. It is very dark. Nothing can (see).

       3.   Change Active into Passive.

1.     My mother usually does the cooking.

2.     He wrote his new book last year.

3.     She is painting the fence now.

4.     Ann has just cleaned her room.

       5. Someone stole Steve’s car.

       6. Before the police arrived, our neighbour had caught the thief.

       7. At the Art gallery people can see nice exhibition.

       8. She always reads the children story with happy end.

       9. Katy has sent an e-mail.

       10. Steven Spielberg must direct this film.

       11. Did he design the handbags?

       12. The teacher will explain new rule tomorrow.

       13. Tim serves dinner at 5 p.m. every evening.

       14. Visitors must see a play at the theater.

       15. Sam painted the picture yesterday.


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