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Тест Test ( Module 1)- УМК М.З.Биболетова

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Test ( Module 1)- 8 класс

  1. Put the verb in brackets in the correct form, use Past Progressive or Past Perfect.

  1. My mother …..( cook) a tasty dinner at 2 o’clock yesterday.

  2. We …….( build) our house before we moved to the country.

  3. When he came home the father …(watch) TV.

  4. My friend …..( do) his homework by 6 o’clock.

  5. Yesterday at 4 o’clock they ….(play) football.

  1. Make up the sentences with these words.

  1. all evening, was, yesterday, I, the story, about disasters, writing.

  2. at that time, were, in the park, the students, planting, trees.

  3. raining, was. yesterday, it, all day long.

  4. Came, they, into the room, when, the teacher, were, the door, opening.

  5. A new car, had, my friend, by the weekend, bought.

  1. Match the words and their descriptions.-earthquake, flood, drought, tornado, volcano, hurricane.

  1. ..is a very strong wind that destroys houses and kill people.

  2. ..is a sudden shaking of the ground.

  3. ..is a long period of dry weather without water.

  4. .is a violent wind in the form of a very tall funnel.

  5. .is a mountain with the crater on the top.

  6. ..is a lot of water comes over a place that is usually dry.

  1. Translate into English.

  1. Ураган нанес вред домам.

  2. К 6 часам он уроки сделал.

  3. Вчера в 7 часов мы ходили на вечеринку.

  4. Я читал книгу весь вечер вчера.

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