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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Test (Unit 2 Western Democracies)
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Test (Unit 2 Western Democracies)


Test 2

Unit II. Western Democracies. (10 form)

1. Listening Comprehention. You will listen the information about the political system of Australia. for statements 1-10 decide which of them are TRUE and which are FALSE.




New Zealand is a colony of Great Britain.


The British monarch is the head of state in New Zealand.


The Monarch’s representative is the governor-general.


The Parliament represents the legislative branch.


The Parliament has two houses.


The Prime Minister appoints ministers.


The Prime Minister is appointed by the Parliament.


The Executive Council and the Cabinet represent the executive branch.


The governor-general is part of the legislative branch.


The Constitution Act was adopted in 1986.

2. Reading Comprehention. Read the text about the political system of Australia. For statements 1-5, decide which answer is correct.

1) A – Australia is a parliamentary democracy. B – Australia is a monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.

2) A- The Prime Minister and the Cabinet are elected directly. B - The Prime Minister and the Cabinet come from the Federal Parliament.

3) A – The Federal Parliament includes the Senate and the House of Representatives. B – The Federal Parliament includes the House of Commons and the House of Representatives.

4) A- The representatives of the executive branch are responsible to the Queen. B - The representatives of the executive branch are responsible to the Federal Parliament.

5) A- Now Australia is in the process of changing to a republic. B - Now Australia is in the process of becoming closer to the British Crown.

Australia is an independent country within the Commonwealth. Formally the British Monarch is the head of state and has royal representatives in the country.

According to the Australian Constitution, that was adopted in January 1, 1901, the legislative branch is represented by the Federal Parliament. The parliament is made up of two houses: the Senate with 76 senators and the House of Representatives with 148 members. The lawmakers are elected by the people. Voting is compulsory. Australian citizens can vote by mail. Those who abstain from voting are fined. Australians are proud of the fact that secret ballot was first introduced in Australia.

The party or a coalition of parties with the majority of seats in the House of Representatives form the Cabinet and its leader becomes Prime Minister. So, the executive branch in Australia includes the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Like in Great Britain they come from the Federal Parliament and are responsible to it for government decisions. The main political parties are the Liberal Party and the National Party. Normally they act in a coalition. The Australian Labour Party and the Australian Democrats also play a great role in politics.

There is a question whether Australia should become a republic with an Australian head of state. The debate on the problem started several years ago. Everybody in Australia understands that a change to a republic needs the assent of the Australian people at a referendum. In February 1998, Australia began the process of severing its constitutional link to the Queen.

3. Use of English (Grammar and Vocabulary). For questions 1-10, read the text below and decide which answer A, B or C fits best each space.

0 ___ Prime Minister Tony Blair doesn’t like the fashionable topic about “Cool Britannia”. He guesses that a British politician 1 ___ of “New Britain”. But he doesn’t see it without 2 ___ . some people don’t like this point of view, they think that the leader of the Labour Party 3 _____ in the opposition to the monarchy. But Tony Blair has a pragmatic and conservationist view of the monarchy. He thinks that the monarchy in not an institution that stands in the way of his 4____ agenda. The Queen 5 ______ the government policies. He doesn’t think that the 6 ____ and the Labour Party 7 _____ the monarchy to improve the economic situation. The Labourist manifesto reads: the Party 8 _____ no plans to replace the monarchy. In his opinion it is the House of Lords that 9 ____ . It will make the 10 _____ branch more democratic.

0. A - B – The C - A

1. A – will think B – can think C – should think

2. A – the Prime Minister B – the monarchy C - Parliament

3. A – will be B – is C – should be

4. A – government’s B – administration’s C – department’s

5. A – doesn’t determine B – doesn’t approve C - revises

6. A – representatives B – ministers C -secretaries

7. A – will fight B – shall fight C- should fight

8. A – shall have B – will have c should have

9. A – should be reformed B – will be reformed C – shall be reformed

10. A – judicial B – executive C – legislative

4. Cultural Awareness. What do you know about the British and US political systems? For statements 1-8, decide which answer is correct.

1) In Great Britain a) the Prime Minister; b) the Monarch; c) the President is the head of state.

2) In the USA a) the President; b) the Prime Minister; c) the Vice President is the head of state.

3) In Great Britain a) the Prime Minister; b) the Monarch; c) the President is the head of government.

4) In the USA a) the President; b) the Prime Minister; c) the Vice President is the head of government.

5) In Great Britain a) the Cabinet; b) the House of Commons; c) Parliament represents the legislative branch.

6) In the USA a) the Administration; b) Congress; c) the Senate represents the legislative branch.

7) In Great Britain a) the Prime Minister with cabinet and non-cabinet ministers; b) the House of Commons; c) the House of Lords represent(s) the executive branch.

8) In the USA a) the Senate; b) the President and his Administration; c) Congress represent(s) the executive branch.

5. Writing. You’ve got an e-mail letter from your British friend who is getting ready for the quiz “Across Russia”. She/he wants to know:

1) what political system Russia belongs to;

2) when the Russian Constitution was adopted;

3) where the Government and the President sit;

4) what the origin of the word “Duma” is;

5) if there is any relation between the Federal Assembly and the Federal Council.

Unit IV. Is it easy to be young? (10 form).

  1. Listening comprehension. You will listen to three teenagers talking about how they left home. While listening complete the chart below with the appropriate information about the teenagers.




1. At what age did she/he leave home?

2. Where does she/he work now?

3. Where does she/he live now?

2. Reading comprehension. Read the text and Finish the sentences choosing the right ending.

Some Day.

(After H. A. Lawson)

One evening Mitchell and his friend were sitting by their camp fire telling stories. Mitchell’s friend had just finished his story, a kind of a joke about a girl and a young man but it did not seem to interest Mitchell. He thought for some time and then said:

Ah! There was a girl I liked very much as soon as I saw her. She came to our place on a visit to my sister. I think she was the best girl that ever lived and the most beautiful. She was just eighteen; she had the biggest blue eyes you ever saw, and she had very, very long hair. Of course, I never thought she’d look at a man like me, and I used to keep out of her way. I didn’t want the others to think I loved her, because I knew they’d laugh at me, and maybe she’d laugh at me more than all. Very often she came and talked to meat table; but I thought that that was just because of her good nature.

I loved that girl, and I was proud to think she came and talked to me, and sat near me. But I didn’t let her know that, because I was sure she’d only laugh.”

Well, things went on till I got work on a station, and I had to go because I needed money. Besides, I wanted to get away. Stopping where she was only made me unhappy.”

The night I left they were all at the railway station to see me off. When the train was ready to start, I saw that the girl I loved was standing away by herself on the dark end of the platform. My sister said:

Go and speak to her; go and say good-bye to Edie.’

So I went up to her, and, when the others turned their backs-

Well, good-bye, Miss Brown,’ I said, holding out my hand; ‘I don’t suppose I’ll ever see you again, because nobody knows when I’ll be back. Thank you for coming to see me off.’

Just then she returned her face to the light, and I saw she was very excited. She said, ‘Jack! Jack!’ and held up her arms like this.”

I suppose you gave her a kiss?”

I suppose,” answered Mitchell, “there are some things a man doesn’t wants to joke about…”

I suppouse,” said Mitchell’s friend, “you’ll go back and marry her some day?”

Some day! It looks like it, doesn’t it? We all say ‘Some day’. I used to say that ten years ago, and look at me now. I’ve been here for five years and there’s no hope to get out of this place. And what have I got for it? I must go home and get married but I haven’t a penny. Look at that boot! If we were in a city we’d be called tramps. And now there’s nothing for me but to tramps, tramps for your food and keep tramping till you become old and helpless and older, and more helpless. You lose hope and live like a dog!”

  1. Mitchell and his friend were sitting by the fire and a) having lunch; b) telling stories; c) cooking dinner.

  2. Mitchell’s friend was ready to listen to a) his sad story; b) a joke; c) a funny story.

  3. Mitchell told about a) his family members; b) his hard work at the station; c) the girl he loved very much.

  4. He used to keep out of her way because a) his parents forbade him to see her; b) the others would laugh at him; c) she was indifferent to him.

  5. Mitchell didn’t believe that Edie loved him because a) she was too beautiful for him; b) he had no money to marry her; c) she always laughed at him.

  6. Mitchell didn’t hope to marry Miss Brown because a) he met another girl; b) he lived too far; c) he was a tramp.

  1. Use of English (grammar and vocabulary). For questions 1-6, read the following complaints. Choose the word which you think fits best to complete each complaint. Fill in the gaps.

His parents never allowed him 1____ .

Debora’s father won’t 2 ___ her drive his car.

My mum is very strict, so it will be difficult 3 ___ her to buy me a motorbike. She thinks I am too young.

My parents want 4 ____ to finish school first.

My parents don’t let me 5 ___ horror films. They say horror films are too violent.

My parents never allow me 6 ____ parties at home.

1) a – smoking; b – smoked; c – to smoke

2) a – permit; b – forbid; c - let

3) a – to suggest; b – persuade; c – to make

4) a – my; b – them; c - me

5) a – to see; b – see; c - seen

6) a – to let; b – to spend; c – to organize

  1. Writing. When touring in Britain you bought a new CD player. But unfortunately it went wrong almost immediately. Here is the form to note down your complaints. Complete the form explaining your problem to the manager (25-30 words).


Name _____________________________________ Date __________________

We welcome your comments on services provided.


We will give our attention to all comments.

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