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Test. Unit 2. Our fragile world. NME- 9. (Тест. Юнит 2. Наш хрупкий мир. Английский язык нового тысячелетия -9)

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Test. Unit 2. Our fragile world

  1. Complete the text with the sentences below.

Environmental problems

In recent years the number of environmental problems has increased greatly. One of the most dangerous problems for our planet is global warming which means that most climates all over the world are changing and getting warmer. (1) This process can cause melting of the polar ice and the sea level rising in the future. If the climate changes there will be floods, heavy storms or severe droughts in different areas of the world. Cutting down on exhaust fumes from vehicles could help solve this serious problem.

Our planet is overpopulated, that’s why we are using up our natural resources – they are not endless. So the scientists have started looking for some alternate forms of energy such as water, wind, sunlight and even tides. (2) I am glad that modern automobile industries make hybrids, which use electric or solar energy instead of petrol. It would definitely help protect our environment from pollution.

There are different kinds of environmental pollution: air pollution, water pollution, land pollution. Sadly, not all human beings realize or admit that we are the ones who cause these problems and we should be the first to stop them and protect our environment. Because of the industrial revolution the air is polluted with awful chemicals; seas and oceans are poisoned with oil spills. (3)

We should be proud to live on our wonderful planet, understand that the consequences of pollution might be terrible and affect our children and us later. We should start recycling things made of glass, paper, plastic and aluminium. (4) We need to drive less and use public transport in order to reduce fuel burning. We are responsible for the situation.

  1. These resources are clean, natural and unlimited.

  2. Many rare species of flora and fauna are threatened with extinction.

  3. We should stop smoking and plant as many trees as we can because they can give us more oxygen.

  4. It happens because we burn too much petrol resources, such as oil and coal, and the Earth heats up.

  1. Correct the mistakes in using active and passive voice ( one sentence is correct).

  1. People have been always polluted their surroundings.

  2. The problem has become more important.

  3. Air pollution has reduced with using new technologies.

  4. Since the late 1960's people have been become alarmed with the danger of pollution.

  5. The Pacific Ocean, especially, has been suffered from nuclear pollution because of the nuclear weapons tests.

  1. Change the form of the words and fill in the gaps in the sentences.

People are more worried about the (1)-------- (the air, water, and land around us) as a result of the (2) ------- effects of human activity.



Some of these activities cause (3) -------- (dirty air, land and water) and some are destroying the environment (damaging it so (4) ------- that soon parts will not exist).



The Greens is a short name of the (5) ----- called Green Peace.


It's an (6) ------- organization whose members work actively to protect the environment from damage caused by (7)------- processes or military activities.



It is known (8)------- for using its own boats to try to prevent governments from testing nuclear weapons, to prevent companies from pouring (9) -------- chemicals into the sea, and to try to save whales and other sea animals from being killed.



  1. Match and use the phrases to complete the sentences.

1. air a. bin

2. public b. pollution

3. recycling c. trees

4. cut down d. the light

5. traffic e. jam

6. turn off f. transport

  1. _________, please. I want to sleep.

  2. I use _________ to go to school. I usually take the bus.

  3. Wait a minute! This is a(n) ___________. You can't put newspapers, glass bottles and cans all together.

  4. There is a lot of __________ because there are many cars in the city center.

  5. I hate Friday afternoons! There is always a(n) _________ and I need two hours to get home from work.

  6. There aren't many forests left because people __________.

  1. Put the right form of the verb.

  1. By the time we …(learn) to protect wild animals, many of them …(have) just one habitat – the Zoo.

  2. Until people …(change) their attitude to the natural resources, human activities ….(cause) environmental problems.

  3. Until we …(reduce) the amount of chemicals to grow vegetables and fruits, we ...(have) the problem of land pollution.

  4. By the time we …(stop) hunting animals, many of them …(die) out.

  5. The earth …(get) hotter until people …(produce) less gases.


  1. 1D 2A 3B 4C

  1. Have polluted

  2. +

  3. Has been reduced

  4. Have become

  5. Has suffered

  1. 1) environment

2) harmful

3) pollution

4) badly

5) organization

6) international

7) industrial

8) especially

9) poisonous

4. 1-turn off the light;

2- public transport;

3- recycling bin;

4 – air pollution;

5- traffic jam;

6- cut down trees.

. 1) learn, will have

2) change, will cause

3) reduce, will have

4) stop, will die

5) will get, produce


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