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Test- Урок 2.Grade -6

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Summative Assessment 1

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Subject: English Class____Date________Mark_____Point_____Percent________

1.Read a topic and underline the irregular verbs.

Last week I went skiing with some friends. We flew to the mountains and there took a bus to the ski resort. We arrived late in the aftrernoon. We had dinner first and then went to bed. We got up early the next morning. We were ready to ski and wanted very much to begin.

2.Write the present tense form of all irregular verbs from the topic .went- go etc.



1Galileo ____a scientist.

a)was b). are c) were d)is

2 Tolstoy and Servantes ____

a)is b)are c)were d)was

4.Complete with present or past.(is, are, was, were)

a)Today ____Monday,so yesterday_______Sunday.

b) -Hi!____your sister at home?

-No she ____not. She _____ here this morning,but now she____at work.

c)My books ________on the table this morning.Where______they now?

d)James_______born in England but his parents ________born in Singapore.

5.Order the words and make questions.

a)you / night / Where / last / were ?


b)they /did/ to / go /concert/ the?


c)Sandra / what time / arrive / did ?


d)wait / did /yesterday /you // the bus / for /?



7.Choose the correct tense form.

1.Sue ______________a letter to her pen friend at the moment.

a)is writing b)are writing c)writes d)wrote

2.We _____________our grandparents last week.

a)are visiting b)visit c)visited d)visits

3.My parents usually ___________a big party for my birthday.

a)made b)make c)makes d)are making

4.The police ___________to the police station five minutes ago.

a)takes b)take c )is taking d)took

8.Use the given words in the correct place in sentences

a)I spend my holiday in the village (usually)

b)They won a game (last week)

c)Amanda reads interesting detective books(often)

d) She takes the bus to work (every day)

9.Find the correct short answers

1.Did you travel to India last year?

a)Yes, he did b)Yes, I did c)Yes, I was d)Yes, I.

2.Does Amanda usually use computer at work?

a) No, she don't b) No,she doesn't c)Yes, he does. d)Yes, she

3.Is it raining now?

a) Yes, it is b)Yes, it does c)Yes, they do d)Yes, it was

4.Do children like ice-cream?

a)Yes, he does b)Yes, I do c)Yes, they don't d)Yes, they do

10.Circle the correct form

1. I am waiting for a friend.

a)What do you do? b) What are you doing here?

2._______________________to work every day?

a)Do you walk b)Are you walking

3. It___________a lot here in the winter.

a) is raining b) rains

4.My brother________football three times a week

a)watches b)is watching

11.Choose the correct words

1. Cave people used__________for warm and to cover their bodies.

a)blankets b)fire c)skins of animals

2.Cave people roasted meat on____________

a)fire b)gas c)in the kitchen

3. Cave people________in a big group.

a)made fire b)hunted c)danced

4.Cave people hunted with_________

a)gun b)spires c)stones

12.Use these words in the correct column (on holiday,to the beach,a show,the sights, shoppingin bed,in a hotel)

13.Find antonyms

1. last

a)many b)early c)first


a)start b)finish c)win


a) stay b) put c)begin


a)many b)little c)some

14.Translate a topic

I always wanted to fly an airplane.In high school I began to take flying classes.My teacher was also a friend of my father.He helped me a lot.I learned to fly small airplanes first.

Today I still like to fly and I have my own airplane. I use it in my business to make trips.







15.Choose the correct name for the topic

a) Learning to fly. b)Travelling c) My father's friend was my teacher.

16.Find the synonyms

help begin

a)aid,stop b)destroy, start c)aid, stop

17.Choose the correct one.

1._________did you buy it?

a)where b)what

2._________did you go with?

a)when b)who

3.___________are you crying?

a)what b)why

4.____________do you live?

a)where b)when

18.Choose the correct word

1. my uncle __________me to a concert

a)slept b)took

2.Sue ________her holiday in England last year

a)spent b)spend

3. Amanda and I ________every Monday

a)played sports b)play sports

4.We __________our lessons on time yesterday.

a)getting b)got


1. I liked the book.It was_________

a)interesting b)boring

2.Iliked the food.It was ___________

a)nice b)delicious

3.I liked the shoes the are___________

a)nice b)ugly

4.I liked the film it was__________

a)boring b)exciting


1.She______the food.

a)likes b)like c)don't like

2.They ______ every day

a)walking b)walks c)walk

3.We___________a lot of money yesterday

a)spend b)are spending c)spent

4.Tom_____________last week

a)arrived b)arrives c)is arriving

Note: open-ended questions: 2 points

closed-ended questions:1 point

total:20 questions

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