Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыТест "Видо-временные формыглагола" 9 класс

Тест "Видо-временные формыглагола" 9 класс

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The 5th form         40   points


I.                    Choose the correct item.                                                                                                                                    

1.       Don’t speak! He ____ a poem for the concert.

a)       learnt    b) is learning  c) learn

2.       William the Conqueror ____the King of England.

a)       is becoming    b) became  c) becomes

3.       Miss Marple ____ a lot of beautiful flowers in the garden last summer.

a)       have   b) has  c) had

4.       ____ your little brother often ____ ?

a)       did, cried  b) are, crying  c) does, cry

5.       We ____ and ____ at our Art lessons.

a)       draw, paint    b) painted, drew  c) draws, paints

6.       David _____ in the 6th form next year.

a)       was   b) will be   c) are

6 points

II.                 Open the brackets.                                                                                                                                              

1.    Every day little John (to get) _____________________________up at 7 o’clock.

2.    Mickey Mouse (to become)_____________________________ famous in 1928.

3.    Our pupils (to write) ___________________________________a dictation at the moment.

4.    The girls (to watch) ___________________________________ Disney’s cartoons every weekend.

5.    You can find Jane in the yard. She (to play) _______________________________ badminton.

6.    My grandparents (to take) _____________________________________part in the war of 1941.

6 points

III.              Correct the grammar mistakes.                                                                                                                            

1.                     Mark and Sam counts apples now.____________________________________________________

2.                     Does Bob works in the garden? ______________________________________________________

3.                     Nick singing the song now.___________________________________________________________

4.                     Do you found the poem in the book? _________________________________________________

5.                     He not see the cat in the tree. ______________________________________________________

10 points

IV.              Write the questions in the interview with a pop star.

1.A) _________________________________________________________?

    B) I usually get up at seven o’clock.

2. A) _________________________________________________________?

    B) I always have an apple for breakfast.

3. A) _________________________________________________________?

    B) No, I don’t. I never drink coffee.

4. A) _________________________________________________________?

    B) My favourite food is fruit.

5. A) _________________________________________________________?

    B) No, I don’t like chocolate!

6. A) _________________________________________________________?

    B) Yes, I can. I like to cook when I'm not working.

7. A) _________________________________________________________?

    B) Yes, I have. I’ve got two cats.

8. A) _________________________________________________________?

    B) The cats’ names are Wiffy and Scrunch.

9. A) _________________________________________________________?

   B) Yes, I like them.

18 point



The 5th form        30   points


I. Write the correct form of the jumbled words.

taepnlhe __________________

sucric ____________________

rabe _____________________

esqrlrui __________________

niwret ___________________

moeh ____________________

6 points

II. True or false 

1.     The little elephant is not happy.

2.     He goes to the wood.

3.     He sees a brown bear.

4.     The little elephant doesn’t like to work.

5.     Then he sees a squirrel.

6.     The squirrel says: You must gather nuts and mushrooms.

7.     The elephant wants to help the squirrel.

8.      He goes back to the circus.

8         points

III. Fill in the suitable words.

1.     The ___________ elephant says, “I don’t want to work at the _________”.

2.      He goes to _____________ and there he sees ____________.

3.     The brown ___________ says the elephant must ____________.

4.     The little elephant does not want to __________ so he ___________.

16 points








Listening Comprehension Test

I woke up late yesterday. I only got up at a quarter to eight and I haven’t got enough time to do my morning exercises or take a shower. I washed my face and hands and dressed quickly. I had a light meal and gave my son some money for his school lunch. “Can I have some money for an ice-cream, too, Daddy” he asked. “Don’t ask silly questions”, I said angrily. “Why did I say that?” I thought as I drove to the office, I went through the red light, and a policeman stopped and fined me. I was five minutes late to work and met my chief at the door. He saw me but didn’t talk to me. I didn’t have much to do, but I was very tired in the afternoon. When I got home I spoke angrily to my wife and son.

I had supper, watched a football match on the telly and went to bed.

1. Choose the correct title for the text.

a) The Best Day in my life 
b) A Bad Day 
c) A Bad Chief 
d) Some Money for an Ice-cream

2. Put the sentences into the correct order.

a) The chief met me at the door. 
b) My son asked some money for an ice-cream. 
c) I got up late yesterday. 
d) I watched TV after supper. 
e) I was fined by the policeman.

3. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1) The text tells about … .

a) a bad father 
b) a brave policeman 
c) an angry chief 
d) an unlucky day

2) The man in the story told about … .

a) a bad dream 
b) his great talents 
c) a day in his life 
d) his son and chief

3) The day was not good that’s why….

a) he broke his leg 
b) fell ill 
c) his chief punished him 
d) at home he was not kind to his wife and son

4) The man drove to his office… .

a) five minutes earlier 
b) just in time 
c) at the wrong time 
d) and was stopped by his chief

4. Write short answers to the questions.

1. What did the man do in the morning? 
2. Who met the man at the door of the office? 
3. Why did he speak angrily to his wife and son?
4. Was it a good or a bad day for the author?


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