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ТЕСТ "Времена группы Perfect" ТЕСТ "Времена группы Perfect"

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"Времена группы Perfect"

  1. We _________________________ ten countries this year.

  1. visited

  2. have visited

  3. had visited

  1. I __________________ Sam for ages.

  1. did not see

  2. have not seen

  3. has not seen

  1. I was late because I ______ in a jam.

  1. had stick

  2. stick

  3. had stuck

  1. We went out after it ______ raining.

  1. stopped

  2. had been stopped

  3. had stopped 

  1. The house he ______ was of a modern design.

  1. was built

  2. built

  3. had built 

  1. My mother was worried because I ______ in touch with her for a long time.

  1. haven’t been

  2. hadn’t been

  3. wasn’t 

  1. You ________ much efforts before you can run a marathon.

  1. will have spent 

  2. have spent 

  3. spent 

  1. _____ you _______ all these books by the exam time?

  1. Will/ have read

  2.  Have/ have

  3. Had/ read

  1. She ______ the movie before you bring the DVD.

  1. has seen

  2. will has seen

  3. had seen

  1. She________ the assignment by next Monday.

  1. will has finished

  2. has finished

  3. had finished

  1. _____ your homework before you went to the cinema?

  1. Had you finished

  2. Did you finished

  3. You had finished

  1. When they came home, Sue _____ dinner already. 

  1. has cooked

  2. had cooking

  3. had cooked

  1. They _________their homework yet.

a) will have not finished

b) had not finished

c) have not finished

14. Yes, she has.

a) Has Sue kissed Ben?

b) Have Sue kisses Ben?

c) Have Sue kisses Ben?

15. Caron _________89 pages.

a) has read

b) had read

c) will has read

16. They _________breakfast before we come

a) will have had

b) have had

c) had had

17. One year! Everyone ____________me!

a) have forgotten

b) will have forgotten

c) had forgotten

18. Tony __________a house.

a) has built

b) had built

c) will has built

19. Yes, I have.

a) You have corrected my mistakes? 

b) Have you correct my mistakes?

c) Have you corrected my mistakes? 

20. He ______ the bill and ______.

a) paid, left 

b) had paid, left

c) paid, had left

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