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Тест "Вводный контроль за курс 9 классов"

Международный конкурс по математике «Поверь в себя»

для учеников 1-11 классов и дошкольников с ЛЮБЫМ уровнем знаний

Задания конкурса по математике «Поверь в себя» разработаны таким образом, чтобы каждый ученик вне зависимости от уровня подготовки смог проявить себя.


Конкурс проходит полностью дистанционно. Это значит, что ребенок сам решает задания, сидя за своим домашним компьютером (по желанию учителя дети могут решать задания и организованно в компьютерном классе).

Подробнее о конкурсе - https://urokimatematiki.ru/

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Trial Test

for the fırst course students

I Choose the right variant

1.  She .................. a letter at the moment.

a) is writing      b) writes     c) has written

2. They haven’t seen each other .............. they left school.

a) after            b) since           c) for

3. I think Sam is …… than Bob.

a) responsibler    b) more responsible    c) responsible

4. My bag is ................... than hers.

a) heavier    b) heaviest     c) the heavier

5. 21. My brother Nick is very good ….. Maths.

a) at                   b) in                   c) on

6. The boy …… looks like his father is my brother.

a) who              b) what                c) which

7. They ….. Britain in three weeks.

a) visit              b) will visit         c) visited


Read the text and choose if the statements below are true or false.

Shopping Hours in Britain

Shopping hours in Britain are changing. Until a few years ago, shops were opened at nine o’clock in the morning and closed at half past five or six o’clock in the evening. Some also were closed for an hour for lunch. In many towns, shops were closed on Wednesday afternoons. On Sundays, nothing was open. But now some shops are opened for longer hours. Some big shops and many supermarkets never close! If you need a litre of milk or some bread at midnight, you can easily buy it.

For people who work long hours or people who often work at night or early in the morning, like doctors, the new shopping hours are good. If someone finishes work at five o'clock in the morning, they can go to the supermarket on their way home and buy some breakfast or a newspaper or anything else they may need.

But not everyone thinks the new shopping hours are a good thing. Some people say that Sunday is a holiday – who wants to work in a supermarket on a Sunday? But shops are very busy at the weekend and longer shopping hours are here to stay.

  1. Until a few years ago, shops were opened at ten o’clock.

A True B False

  1. In the past, some shops were closed at lunchtime.

A True B False

  1. A few years ago, shops were also closed on Saturday afternoons.

A True B False

  1. Some big shops and many supermarkets never close!

A True B False

  1. Today, all shops are opened for longer hours.

A True B False

  1. It’s easy to buy food in the middle of the night.

A True B False

  1. The new shopping hours are good for doctors.

A True B False

  1. It’s impossible to buy a newspaper at five o'clock in the morning.

A True B False

  1. Everyone likes longer shopping hours.

A True B False

  1. Sunday shopping hours are here to stay.

A True B False

III Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper tense form.

  1. The children ……………… (to make) a snowman last winter.

  2. She ……………… (to clean) her room every day.

  3. They …………. already………… (to do) their homework.

  4. They ……………… (to go) to the zoo next Sunday.

  5. We ……………… (to have) dinner at 2 o'clock every day.

  6. Alice ……………….… (not to eat) her breakfast yet.

  7. The day ……………… (to be) nice yesterday.

  8. ………….. he …………….. (to be) on the lesson of Literature today?

  9. I ……………. (to go) to visit my grandmother tomorrow.

  10. …………. you ……………. ever (to be) to London?

IV Choose the right variant

The World is Getting Hotter

The world is getting hotter because (1) ……………… us! Our factories, cars, trains and planes (2) ……………… the air dirty. When (3) ……………… sun shines, everything gets hot and the dirt stops the hot air from going (4) ……………… to the sky. Because the hot air has nowhere to go, (5) ……………… gets hotter.

Already our world is (6) ……………… than it was one hundred years ago. Hot countries may become drier and the people who live there will not be able to grow enough food. Ice in cold areas (7) ……………… changing to water because of higher temperatures. When this happens, the seas become bigger. Some towns (8) ……………… the sea may have a problem soon.

We can help (9) ……………… we stop making the air dirty but we (10) …………….. do something fast!

1. A by B for C of

2. A make B making C makes

3. A a B the C an

4. A on B at C up

5. A everything B all C every

6. A warm B warmer C warmest

7. A are B be C is

8. A near B to C in

9. A so B if C but

10. A must B should C can

V Use of English

1. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

Cartoon Films

Cartoon films have very (1) limits. If you can draw something, you can (2) it move on the cinema screen. The use (3) new ideas and advanced computer programs means that cartoons are becoming exciting again for people of (4) ages.

By the (5) of the 1970s, the cinema world had decided that cartoons were only for children. But soon (6) , one or two directors had some original new ideas. They proved that it was possible to make films in which both adults and children could (7) the fun.

However, not (8) cartoon film was successful. The Black Cauldron, for example, failed, mainly because it was too (9) for children and too childish for adults. Directors learnt from this mistake and the film companies began to make large (10) of money again.

1 A few B any C little D much

2 A get B cause C wish D make

3 A for B of C with D by

4 A more B other C all D these

5 A end B finish C departure D back

6 A afterwards B later C next D then

7 A divide B add C mix D share

8 A every B both C any D each

9 A nervous B fearful C afraid D frightening

10 A amounts B accounts C numbers D totals

VI. Choose the right answer.

1. These texts are…than those we read yesterday.

a) easier b) easy c) more easy d)the easy

2. How …time does it take you to get there?

a) many b) more c) much d) a lo off

3. East or West, home is… .

a) best b) rest c) next d) nest

4. Such problems… at our meeting yesterday.

a) were discussed b) was discussed c) will be discussed d) have been discussed

5. Soon he will… to speak English.

a) may b) be able c) can d) might

6. She did not want me… this book.

a) read b) reading c) would read d) to read

7. The students are listening to the lecturer attentively, …?

a) aren’t they b) isn’t they c) don’ they d) didn’t they

8. ….a lot of traffic now in the streets of the town.

a) There are b)There is c) There will be d) There were

9. During the breakfast I …a newspaper.

a) look at b) look on c) look of d) look through

10. People of the world want to live in …

a) dependence b) peace c) war d) inequality

11. …is the largest ocean.

a) The Atlantic Ocean b) The Indian Ocean c) The Arctic Ocean d) The Pacific Ocean

12. Some types of land pollution are just….to look at.

a) unimportant b) unpleasant c) unusual d)unhappy

13. This Princess of Wales was extremely popular.

a) Princess Diana b) Princess Silvia c) Maria Curie d) O. Brain

14. …it was raining, we stayed at home.

a) as b) if c) trough d) since



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